Living Room Furniture Collections That Are Great for Every Home

When you're designing a home, picking the right living room furniture collection is important because aside from being a bonding area for family members, the living room also serves as an entertainment area for guests. It’s no doubt one of the most frequently occupied rooms in the home, so you want furniture that looks good and is also functional and durable. If you don’t know where to start, always look for the best living room furniture with the best reviews to help you make your choice. These are the necessary pieces and they contribute to making your living room a comfortable space for your family and friends. 

Chairs and Sofas

The sofa is often the biggest piece of furniture in the living room, so think long and hard before choosing one. Decide how you want to use the living room. Your furniture choice might be different if you primarily use it for watching TV and playing video games as opposed to hosting guests for get-togethers. Think of the purpose of your living room so you know what size sofa to look for and in which direction you should orient it. For big living rooms, decide how much of the living room you want the sofa to fill. With smaller spaces, you need to opt for smaller couches, such as a living room small loveseat, which can also be the focal point of your living room.

Next, think of the different spots in the living room where you can put the sofa, and see what works best visually. For renters, you may want to consider getting two smaller sofas that you can easily rearrange to suit any home layout. Remember, you’ll spend many hours sitting on the sofa, so it should be durable and comfortable.

For additional seating, get extra living room chairs and position them in areas that encourage conversation. You have the option to get living room furniture sets or mix and match different styles of chairs. The goal is to seat at least six people. If you have a larger living room, divide the space into different areas so you can seat various groups of people.


Ottomans are one of the best living room furniture items you can get. They’re versatile, portable, multi-functional, and space-saving. Use ottomans as extra seating, storage, and even as a coffee table. When choosing an ottoman, consider the size and style of the rest of the living room furniture because you want everything to look cohesive. Opt for one that contrasts with the color of your furniture to add personality or a piece that matches the color or texture of your sofa for a more traditional look.

If your space tends to get cluttered, go for an ottoman with a hinged top so you can store small items like remote controls, game controllers, and children’s toys. Today’s living room modern furniture selections have ottomans that you store underneath coffee tables and take out if there’s a need for additional seating. An oversized ottoman adds a dramatic accent to your living room. Just make sure it's the same height or lower than the height of your sofa so those seated can access the coffee table easily.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are often found in the center of a conversation area. They also serve as an accent where you can place items such as books, remote controls, and magazines. When choosing a coffee table, make sure it's one-half or two-thirds the length of your sofa. Leave at least 14 to 18 inches between the seats and the coffee table. This brings you close enough to reach the table but far enough away to stretch your legs. The coffee table’s height is also important. It should be at the same level as, or one or two inches lower than the seat height of your sofa. Low coffee tables can be matched with low sofas and chairs for a more laid-back ambiance.

For households with kids, a round or oval coffee table is best since they do not have sharp edges that could harm your little one. Another great option if you have kids is living room wood furniture as it's less prone to damage and looks better as it ages. If you need extra storage, consider getting a coffee table with a shelf underneath.

Side Tables

Side tables are great for holding all the day-to-day items you use in the living room. They are often set at each end of the sofa so it’s easy to place things onto them. Get enough side tables to match the number of seats, and if possible, pick those that act as extra storage space with a drawer or shelf. Position them so they don’t block traffic flow. Side tables are considered accent furniture, so you can be quite daring in your choices. Pick unique living room furniture to create visual interest in the room.

Other Things to Consider

Quality: Only purchase living room furniture collections made from high-quality materials. They should be solid and sturdy enough to withstand prolonged use. They may cost more initially but save you money in the long run because durable furniture rarely needs repairing or replacement.

Leave enough space between the furniture so people can walk comfortably from one side of the room to another. You don’t want obstacles in through-ways as this could make navigating the room difficult.

Focal point: A focal point can be fixed architecture, such as a fireplace or an antique window, or it can be furniture, such as a sofa or a coffee table. Decide on a focal point first as this determines how the rest of the furniture will be arranged.

It’s fun to shop for living room furniture because you get to see new styles you never knew existed. There's a lot to choose from, so create a plan that’ll help you visualize your ideal living room. Once you have a blueprint, it’s easier to pick furniture that best suits your style and the needs of your family.