Latest Dining Room Furniture Trends

Dining room furniture is a great place to start to showcase your style and try out new looks, whether you're a fan of the classics or more modern styles. If staying on trend is important to you, try mixing things up – pair your old dining room table with new chairs, for example.

When new trends pop up, you have a few choices. You can stick to your style and maybe include a piece or two to acknowledge the trends that you like, or you can switch up everything and choose a whole new dining room furniture collection.

Time to Get Started

Before you start shopping for unique dining room furniture, make sure you have the space for your new pieces. Measure your room and consider important needs, such as the seating your home requires. Pick and choose the trends based on what you already know you like and what you want from your furniture. Should it be lightweight and easy to clean, or is your dining room furniture under the spotlight in your home and needs to be statement pieces?

There are a few things you can do to keep up with the ever-changing trends and styles. If you know how to respond to those changing trends, how to stay ahead of them, and how you can incorporate the best dining room furniture into your home, you'll become a trendsetter yourself.

Stay Ahead of Trends

It's a little easier to keep up with fashion trends because clothes are more disposable than furniture – and far less durable. Watching the runways, though, can help narrate the upcoming trends in interior design. Take a look at what happens in New York, Paris, and Milan, and you're likely to see that dining room collections often follow certain shapes, patterns, or cultures showcased in the fashion world.

You can create your own dining room furniture trends by choosing what you like and then owning it. Mix and match styles of dining room chairs with a table in a different material and then pick accessories that compliment. Timeless design never goes out of style, so you can find dining room furniture that will always be on trend. If you really want to try out a trend, you can easily do this by purchasing unique dining room furniture and then filling in with basics.

Trend: Wooden Furniture

You can't go wrong with wooden dining room furniture that's solid, durable, and attractive, and it's one of the biggest dining room furniture trends. Look for pieces that really show off the grain of the wood, including all the knots, swirls, and seeming imperfections that make each piece truly unique.

You can create your own eclectic dining room furniture collection by mixing up the types of wood or various stains. Pick a dark wooden dining tables and pair it with light birch or pine chairs for an eclectic look.

Trend: Rustic Style

A style that seems to be sticking around is rustic. You can achieve this look by choosing pieces that are raw or unfinished or pick a set that has a "lived-in" appearance. Look for rough, sanded wooden pieces that seem as if they were found in an old barn or farmhouse.

Remember there are no rules when setting your own dining room furniture trends. If you want to buy modern dining room pieces, such as white plastic chairs and place them with a rustic-looking table, go for it. As long as you accessorize appropriately, you can tie the two styles together for a harmonious look.

Trend: Benches

Upholstered, cushioned dining room chairs are great, but if you're itching to try one of the latest dining room furniture trends, consider benches. They're such great pieces because of their versatility; use one at the dining table for now, and then move it to your living room or an entryway when you're ready for a new trend. Benches can seat several people, and they come in a variety of lengths, styles, and materials. From wooden with backs and woven with no arms to upholstered in linen and covered in plush cushioning and velvet, there's sure to be a type that fits with your dining room furniture collection.

Trend: Mix 'n' Match

Many people prefer to stick to the best dining room furniture that's meant to work together, but mixing and matching is very much in – and not just rustic with modern. Shabby chic is a style that took the interior design world by storm, but you don't have to go with that specific style to learn from it. Feel free to mix and match fabrics or materials. There are plenty of ready-to-go assembled dining room furniture items that easily work with other pieces. For example, pair a mid-century modern dining room table with its thin legs and table top with overstuffed colorful dining room chairs for a striking look. Even if you prefer to stick to a traditional dining room set, you can spruce up your space by adding modern accessories, such as mirrors, playful artwork, or fun candle holders.

Shopping the latest dining room furniture trends can be fun, and it's exciting to change the look of a room. Keep in mind that you need to choose pieces that physically fit in your existing dining room and that your new pieces accommodate all the people who need a spot at the table. Whether you choose to pick up a couple of benches, shift to a rustic style with lots of wooden pieces, or you mix and match all sorts of dining room furniture styles, textures, and materials, make it uniquely yours. Add a touch or two that's all you to become a trendsetter whose style inspires others.