Kitchen Quintessential

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Sure it’s great for bacon and eggs, but here are a few other tasty ideas for this must-have kitchen classic.

Get to Know GreenPan

This chef-quality ceramic, non-stick, non-toxic cookware sets the standard for healthy home cooking.

Healthy Cooking with GreenPan

For pro-quality cookware that's also non-toxic and nonstick, you can't go wrong with GreenPan. GreenPan's eco-friendly, affordable collections are now available at World Market.

Moroccan Chicken & Potato Salad Recipe

We whipped up this delicious chicken and potato salad with the help of our friends at Allrecipes - and with the non-toxic, nonstick magic of GreenPan cookware.

Never Cut Corners

Premium grade Epicurean cutting boards elevate your everyday food prep with sturdy, easy clean surfaces preferred by pros.

The Leading Edge

Since 1895, J.A. Henckels has crafted knives for professional chefs and home cooks who want the best.

Home Cooked Comfort

Spend some time with Spend with Pennies to transform World Market ingredients into tasty, affordable meals.

Conversion Cheat Sheet

How many cups in a pint? Is there a sub for buttermilk? Here's a handy page for those calculations we always forget.

Dish It Out

Check out the recipe collection on our blog - we've got tasty, delicious ideas for all occasions!

The Art of Swissness

Since 1899, the family firm of Kuhn Rikon has applied strict standards and uncompromising design to everything they make.

Kai Performance

State-of-the-art technology and dedication to innovation, combined with unmatched value, are the hallmarks of Kai products.

Look Sharp

"Shun" is the Japanese word for "peak of perfection," and Shun's ultra-sharp blades more than live up to the inspiration.