Kids' Room Decorating Ideas for Your Little Animal Lover

Your children love all furry and cuddly creatures, so you want to find kids' room decorating ideas that let them explore the natural world in an organized habitat. Animals themes offer fun and flexible ways to personalize a room. Plus, your little zoologists will enjoy the cool kids' room decor so much they'll want to keep it clean, too. 

Bare Essentials

Start your journey to find the best kids' room decor by selecting the bare essentials your youngsters use every day. Keep their room carpet clean by laying down natural fiber rugs that fit into any environment. Strong natural fibers give them resilience and durability that can take all the trekking your kids make in and out of their room. Place a small fiber rug by the front or back door so little feet can stomp off the dirt from outside. Put down a larger one in the middle of their bedroom for a designated play spot with their animal toys, or by the bed for a warm place to set their feet in the morning. Choose rugs with their favorite critters as unique room decor pieces that they'll enjoy.

After a day of chasing real and imaginary creatures, your children will need to rest, so include some floor pillows and poufs. They'll enjoy the cool kids' decor while plopping down on floor pillows to read their books featuring their favorite animals or when sitting on a colored pouf by the desk to draw their pets. Lights covered by lampshades with leaves or flower patterns let your little ones read their animal books at dusk. Small animal-shaped nightlights allow little nature lovers to feel safe in their beds at night, too.

Organization is a key factor when considering kids' room decorating ideas. Help them keep their room tidy by installing some hanging racks and hooks for easy storage. Your children will want to place their backpacks on racks with smiling giraffe or elephant heads. For storage, buy kids' room decor that hangs on the wall, such as various sizes of natural fiber wall baskets, which are ideal for holding their toys and kids' books. Look for larger matching baskets to hold clothes, too. Rounded Ginga baskets with zigzagged designs hold small, loose items on a desk or dresser.

Animal Scenery and Safaris

You'll find plenty of kids' room decorating ideas by looking through animal wall art that makes critters come alive for your kids. You can choose pictures and paintings individually or based on a themed environment. For a jungle scene, provide a personal safari for your youngsters with large close-up photos of wild animals like lions or elephants. You can also buy kids' room decor, such as small cartoon drawings of monkeys, to place as themed accents on a desk or dresser.

Art prints and paintings help create cool kids' room decor that shows color and character. Let children choose a favorite animal painting and then find a color common between it and other items in the room. For example, a purple Indian elephant picture matches a plastic horse with purple flowers and a stuffed dog with a purple collar. You want your little animal lovers to feel comfortable in a room of their own, so allow them to mix and match animals and environments if they prefer.

For a unique kids' room decorating idea, put your little ones in charge. Let them pick out their favorite animal pictures from magazines or use their own pet photos. Get some simple frames to fit the pictures your children chose. Then give the kids paint and paintbrushes to design their own art holders with fun shapes and colors that they'll love to look at on a bedside table or bookshelf.

Playful Animal Decor

Planning kids' room decor offers the opportunity to release your playful side. Think of the different critters your youngsters like and find a way to incorporate those into the room. Choose plush toys as a cute way to decorate and give kids something to play with and hug. Look for animal-related objects that go with other items in the room, such as pictures or bedspreads. Then think of locations to place them in the space. For example, fill bare nightstand tops with paper mache handheld safari animals or a set of different dogs they can play with before bed.

A kids' room decorating idea for younger children uses large natural fiber baskets in the corner of the room to hold plush animals of varying sizes, colors, and textures that hold the youngsters' interest. Arrange them by theme, such as farm animals, or by type, like birds, or choose ones that the kids already enjoy. Older children can benefit from unique kids' room decor like chalkboards and easels shaped as elephants or other animals. You can write down their daily chores on it or jot nice notes of praise for picking up. Kids can also draw funny animals on it with colored chalk for a creative activity.

Kids' room decorating ideas abound when you take the time to talk to your little ones and find their favorite pets and animals. Select basic functional items for the room and use them as a background for the animal decorations. Then buy kids' room decor to fill the space with clever animal items that everyone enjoys playing with and admiring. You and your youngsters can be proud of arranging their room into a neat zoo you all love.