Buy Industrial Furniture: It's Unique but Functional

Redesigning the decor of your home is a major change, but you can make the transition easy when you know what you want. With so many styles to choose from, you want a motif that stands out, which industrial furniture and design offers. It takes influences from vintage factories and similar buildings to develop a chic look in any home. Though this style is adapted from heavy-duty wood and metal materials of the Industrial Age, its contemporary charm stands the test of time.

There are multiple components you need to consider with your selection of industrial furniture. Weathered wood is the telltale sign of furniture that’s been through some wear and tear, and it's the type of look to shoot for. Exposed brick and open piping enhance the factory-style motif that you want in the background, which complements the new pieces you add. With unique furniture and background, this look expresses your individuality and appreciation for the working class.

Start With the Right Setting

Before you make the purchase of your first piece of industrial furniture, you need to create the right ambiance with wall and floor decor. If you shop for a home before decorating, look for places that use wood, stone, brick, and other rustic materials in the structure of the home. However, if you want to redecorate your current home, you have the chance to introduce new materials. Adding repurposed wood to your floors or adding texture to the walls are just a few ways to create that atmosphere you want for industrial furniture.

If you aren’t sure which room to expose, the best bet is with a large and open area. Use the existing furniture and fixtures to add to the backdrop, giving you an idea of the pieces you need to work around. A kitchen island or a built-in bar is the perfect feature to enhance the boldness of your new and unique industrial furniture.

Essential Furniture Pieces for Industrial Design

Most interior decor styles don’t require a specific type of furniture, but each piece of industrial vintage furniture makes a difference. Sectional couches are must-have pieces, since they help divide up the living area into a multifunctional space. It also gives the room more of a warm appearance, a crucial point of balance in industrial design. With the sectional couch and other chairs for seating, try to find furnishings that have exposed wood with rich fabric, combining luxury with industrial rustic furniture.

Shelving and storage are a necessity in industrial design, even though the style sometimes teeters on the edge of minimalist. Use your kitchen to show off storage space as part of the industrial furniture motif by adding a bar cart or exposing the cabinets. To enhance this storage space, seek out exposed lighting arrangements, compensating for the lack of exposed piping and metal in newer homes. Some natural structures, like a skylight, accent an industrial furniture collection as well.

Combining Industrial Decor With the Right Colors and Textures

Once you narrow down the best industrial furniture, zero in on your choices even more with the right colors and textures. The textures in industrial design are the simplest part of the decor, focusing on four main materials: leather, wood, metal, and brick. When you choose your surfaces and non-seating furniture, you don’t have to look far for an industrial wood table or a leather loveseat. However, it’s the colors of your industrial furniture that make the room feel homey and welcoming.

You need to choose colors that enhance that time period, so your main focus is on tones and textures that look worn, shabby, and aged, but do so in a chic and trendy way that complements this unique furniture style. Most people would go straight to the nearest thrift shop, but it is best to stick with newer pieces that offer the safest elements in construction with monochromatic and earthy hues, like green, brown, red, and yellow. Most designers also encourage using deep blue, since both blue and red symbolize the oxidation that metal sustained in factories. Metal shades, like silver, bronze, and copper, blend seamlessly with industrial furniture as well.

If you are one of the many people who appreciate the urban appearance of city life, or you live in a loft or house with exposed brick and piping, then industrial furniture and style is an ideal choice for your home. Everything in this motif should look raw and mechanized, but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo the qualities that make it warm as welcoming. You won’t need to change much of your living space to show off your edgy personal style, as long as you buy industrial furniture that matches. So take a chance on industrial and factory-style decor to give your home a bit more character.