Industrial Furniture Styles: Ideas to Inspire Your Space 

Contemporary or modern interior design offers plenty of benefits, but you change the entire ambiance of the room when you introduce industrial furniture. If you enjoy the cityscape and the urban look, then incorporating these items is the perfect way to bring together the room. Some apartments and older homes naturally expose the piping and concrete in the building, giving you the setting you need for industrial rustic furniture and decor. 

So what is industrial furniture and how do you decorate with it? Warehouses and factories inspire industrial decoration, from a time when people had to use what they had around them for their home. However, when you incorporate it into your decor now, it breathes life into an old space or adds rustic decor to your existing home. Industrialism ranges from an old and worn appearance to a crisp and clean look, making it easy to incorporate industrial vintage furniture pieces as well, though you should lean towards a reconstructed, antique look. Incorporate these industrial furniture ideas into your home to bring out a new personality and show off your resourcefulness.

Focus on Colors

While most interior decorators promote the use of neutrals and accent colors, industrial furniture and design go dramatically in the opposite direction. The key is to find colors that look aged and beaten down, like metal-based or oxidation colors. The variations of these colors accent the room, bringing in reds, blues, grays, and browns. To add a little softness, wooden industrial furniture is best.

When decorating a living room, be bold in your selection with a burnt red or a deep blue couch, complementing it with an antique coffee table. If you decorate the bedroom, show off your dark, metal bed frame with a pale brown bedspread and red pillows. Your color combinations highlight all the materials you use when you decorate with industrial furniture.

Use the Right Materials 

When you decorate any room in an industrial furniture style, there are four different textures that need to be prominent over everything else. Metal is crucial, highlighting the similarity between your room and a run-down factory, though you can balance this texture with contemporary or eclectic decor. If you have exposed piping in your home, that simple feature is the perfect way to make your home look more industrial. Complement metal exposure with similar colors in the rest of the industrial furniture, like with shelving or even replacing a sink with the same metal.

To balance out the metal, use industrial wood tables and other wooden furniture. Look for items that use reclaimed, re-purposed, or distressed wood, to give the appearance of aging. Look for pieces that combine both wood and metal including tables, chairs, stools, and storage areas. If you want to take the look to another level, complement your industrial furniture with hardwood flooring.

Another way to show off the warehouse feel is with exposed brick, which is the easiest to find in a loft or old home. However, even if you don’t have this feature, use paint and textures to create the motif from scratch. Some decorators even bring in stonework in small amounts as a natural way to complement the metal. Even though it’s hard to find industrial furniture with exposed brick, use areas like a fireplace to integrate it.

To give a little subtlety to these materials, seek out leather furniture. Whether you choose old or new leather, the industrial furniture and accent pieces complete the look. If you want to add a little natural life to the room, integrate either real or fake plants with pots from one of the materials listed above.

Accent Pieces Make a Difference 

Even with the right industrial furniture in the above colors and materials, complementary accents are needed to bring out the appeal and to add personalization. Big wall art with primary colors brings out the understated touches of color in the room while keeping the mechanical appearance you created. Wire and metalwork in drop-down lighting fixtures bring out the "exposed" look as well, and they highlight the height differences in the room.

If you use industrial furniture design and accents in your bedroom, use minimal bedding. You want a look that is simple, but not bare. A solid-colored or a paisley-style quilt accents any metal headboard perfectly, especially with plenty of grays in the pattern. To decorate the floors below your pieces, use rugs that keep the neutral tone with natural fibers like hemp or other handwoven items.

The key to integrating an industrial look in your home starts with your furniture pieces. Even though you can only change so much of the room’s structure, industrial furniture makes the entire space look old-fashioned in the most beautiful way. From wrought-iron headboards to leather sectional couches, industrialism creates a balance between the appearance of old money and new wealth, for an ambiance that is truly luxurious.