Ideas to Dress Up Your Patio With Durable Deck Furniture

Decorating your home requires attention to the needs of every living space, which includes the outdoor patio. The patio is a place where you can hang out with family and friends, enjoy a meal, or relax after a long day. With so many options, you want to expand this area of your home with unique deck furniture, rather than simple plastic chairs.

To dress up your deck furniture, take advantage of some of the same themes that you use in the home. Creating a mid-century, contemporary, or modern look is simple, but you need the right materials and furniture arrangement to fully show off your patio. Check out some deck furniture ideas for inspiration for your welcoming motif.

Choose Your Materials

Before you make any major decisions about the patio decor, be aware of the different materials available. Each material has its own level of durability to handle wear and tear and various weather conditions and offers a variety of decor options. Whether you choose dining furniture for a relaxing meal on a summer night, or you just want deck furniture to sit on while the kids play, the material matters.

If you want a refined and expensive look, then wrought iron provides many options. It's resistant to the elements, even to the damage of hail and heavy winds. Find wrought iron pieces with powder coating, since it helps the material resist rust. Wrought iron heats up quickly, so combine its use with cushions for coolness.

Resin wicker is both a stylish and durable deck furniture option since it's so versatile. Unlike wrought iron, outdoor wicker furniture remains cool in the heat, giving you a comfortable place to sit on the hottest of days. It comes in a wide range of colors and only requires gentle cleaning as needed to maintain the appearance.

No matter how many elegant styles arise, wood is timeless. Like resin wicker, it resists heat and is one of the most durable deck furniture options. With so many types of wood available to complement the patio, choose materials that withstand the demands of your location. In humid weather, look for wood with a weatherproof coating to avoid swelling and weakening the integrity of your furniture.

Steel offers a middle-ground between these options. It keeps up with the sturdiness of wrought iron, though it's much lighter. Even though it is hot to the touch in warmer climates, it distributes the heat more evenly. For a rustproof option, seek out stainless steel deck furniture.

Decide on a Seating Arrangement

Once you know the material you want for your patio, your next decision will involve the placement of the outdoor seating and lounge furniture. Patios come in all shapes and sizes, so each piece of deck furniture should enhance the layout. As a rule of thumb, try to maintain a walkway of about 30 to 36 inches between the pieces. Replicate the look of a living room with a couch and chairs, accenting them with a matching coffee table for guests to rest their drinks on, or create a focal point with a fire pit that matches your theme. To ensure that all the deck furniture fits accordingly, measure first to see how much room you have available to work with.


With your deck furniture in place, take the opportunity to add accessories to bring a personal touch to your patio. There's an endless list of options, whether you want a small accent like a candle, or something more substantial. Rugs, pillows, and even the lighting can make a difference.

Outdoor rugs can pull deck furniture together since they come in a variety of patterns and materials. Secure the rug with a rug pad to maintain the quality of the rug, and to keep it in place. Coordinate some of the colors in the rug with the pillows or other cushions you select to enhance the comfort of the seating area. With the right lighting arrangements, like torches or hanging lanterns, you can create the perfect ambiance for a late night outside.

Even though your main arrangement sets the tone, you have the chance to add outdoor accent furniture to enhance the overall look. If you frequently entertain, use a bar for storage and creating cocktails to make the space more multi-functional. Regardless of the outdoor furniture and accessories you pick, consider buying covers to keep it protected. 

By choosing the right deck furniture design, you have the chance to extend your personal style to your patio. Using durable materials keeps your options open since there are many colors, textures, and benefits to each one. Take the time to decide on a theme for your patio to determine the best deck furniture for your needs, even if all you want is to lay back and enjoy the view of the sunset from your yard.