Putting on a New Look: How to Install Slipcovers

Wondering how to install slipcovers? We have some tips, tricks and helpful hints that are sure to help you get any model on in no time. From large outdoor couches to unique dining chairs, our guide is ready to help you make the most of these stylish and functional accessories.

Before You Get Started

We know you want to get started enjoying your quality slipcovers, but save some of that enthusiasm for prep work. Getting ahead of your slipcover installation will pay off later. Stay focused on these four slipcover tips that'll get you ready for anything.

Measuring Musts

You can never measure too much when it comes to slipcovers. Start by measuring the piece of furniture the cover will go over. It might seem like you've been here before, but it's your last chance to check on matching measurements. Read the product listing carefully to ensure you get the correct slipcover sizes. Once received, take the cover completely out of its packaging and place it on a floor or table without stretching its natural shape. Use a tape measure or measuring tool against the slipcover to compare height, length, depth and width against your furniture measurements.

Keep it Clean

Getting the slipcover dirty is one of the most common mistakes for homeowners. It's easy to overlook this simple detail as you learn how to install slipcovers, but don't drag it along the floor. If you need to measure on the floor, use plastic sheets or tarp to protect it until you're ready. Also, make sure to store any nearby liquids to prevent spills on your quality slipcovers.

Ask for Help

Installing large sofa slipcovers, especially sectional, can be daunting if you're doing it alone. Try to get some help before you take on these tasks and make sure you pass along all of these slipcover tips to your new volunteer. Remember, even one extra person can help you prevent a bad fit or damaging your slipcover as you put it into place.

Keep it Together

It goes without saying, but multi-piece furniture slipcovers can get away from you before you know it. When you take the components such as shams and pillowcases out of the package, lay them out. If no tags are included, leave a sticky label on each piece. Be sure to use a marker or pen to write exact details about placement on the label.

Cover Your Sofas in Style

Your bed and bath are up to date with the latest styles, but what about the living room? Maybe a new matching furniture set isn't in the budget. Sofa slipcovers can transform not only the look of the piece but the room itself. In many cases, they might even save a piece you previously had doubts about. Take on this quick room enhancer with our step-by-step guide on how to install slipcovers for sofas.

  • Pull out the entire slipcover and neatly lay it across the seat and arms.
  • Start at the back of the sofa and pull one corner over the corresponding section.
  • Move to the other side and repeat the previous step without displacing the currently installed portion.
  • Shift to the closest arm of your sofa and pull the material down further until the area is completely covered.
  • Move to the opposite arm and repeat the previous step without slipping or shifting the fabric.
  • When you're finished, pull down the remaining material until it reaches the floor. Note: For these slipcover tips, it doesn't matter if you choose a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion.
  • No matter the fit or style of quality slipcovers, run your hand over the entire sofa to smooth out any wrinkles or exaggerated pockets that might have appeared during installation.
  • Push fabric into the nooks and crannies to create a tighter, more fitted appearance.
  • Make sure any tassels, ties, or added features are set in place to complete the look.

  • If you have slipcovers and replacement cushions that come in multiple pieces, consider these additional tips:

  • Pick up each cushion and remove any current furniture slipcovers and accessories.
  • Slide it over the cushion while ensuring a tight fit at each side.
  • Secure the fasteners and make sure they're set in place before returning a cushion to the sofa.
  • Repeat steps for all of your large cushions or until the available pieces have run out.
  • Keep in mind that various slipcover sizes could be necessary to fully cover the piece.
  • New Life for Your Dining Chairs

    Quality slipcovers for dining chairs can change everything you thought you knew about dining room decor. Whether you're planning for an event or just want an update to your dining options, we think this is a great way to make it happen. Follow these easy steps to transform chairs into your very own decorative accessories with furniture slipcovers.

  • Slide the material over the chair and make sure its end sits at floor level.
  • If sashes are included, tie them and ensure their positions are correct for the design.
  • Place your selected cushion on top of the seat. If you'd rather leave the cushion underneath, make sure it's securely in place before installation.
  • Outdoor Furniture Gets a Facelift

    Slipcovers for outdoor furniture do more than create a decorative appearance. They can also be a valuable asset as you prepare for winterization or protection when storms arrive. Keep these slipcover tips in mind for fast and easy installation.

  • Pull the cover over the piece by starting at the top and working your way down.
  • Ensure the bottom sits directly against the ground or outdoor flooring.
  • Put any accessories such as umbrellas through included slots for easy access.
  • Store any outdoor cushions under furniture slipcovers between uses.

  • We've answered the question of how to install slipcovers for all of your furniture. Now, it's up to you to make it happen in your own home, apartment or office. Check out all of the slipcovers and decor such as pillows and throws that you'll need to take any decoration project to the next level.