How to Install a Headboard on Your Bed by Yourself

Refresh your bedroom and add a bit of style by learning how to install a headboard. Apart from the pleasure of an attractive room, you'll be more comfortable and have support to rest against while reading in bed or watching TV. Plus, they also help keep your pillows off the floor and drafts off your head.

We have many striking headboard designs to choose from and a wide selection of attractive styles. Before shopping, you first need determine which size will match the size and shape of your bed, taking into account any fittings that may be in the way, such as air-conditioning grills, registers, power outlets, light switches, windows and curtains. Once you've found the perfect piece, all you need for installation is a screwdriver, pliers and a little bit of time.

What You Need to Know about Headboard Sizes and Styles

Start off by comparing headboard sizes to find one to match your bed. As some sizes are similar, be careful to measure the overall width of your mattress to ensure the right fit. Both traditional and custom headboards usually fit the following sizes:

  • Twin: 41 inches wide
  • Full double bed: 56 inches wide
  • Queen: 62 inches wide
  • California King: 74 inches wide
  • King: 78 inches wide

  • Once you have the correct size, it's time to choose your headboard style. One option we find timeless is a rectangular shape. These cover the full width of the bed and extend approximately 4 feet above the floor. If you're looking for something you can comfortably lean against, check out those with a cushioned frame covered in upholstery. These headboard designs are available in myriad of colors and patterns to match any decor scheme, and variants include rounded corners and curved profiles. Other options include handcrafted wooden frames and handwoven wicker and rattan.

    Quick and Easy: How to Install a Headboard

    Now that you've got a headboard in hand, it's time to pull out your trusty tools and get to work. Even though you can easily install a headboard on your own, things always go smoother when you have a helper. Call a friend, maybe order some pizza and then follow these guidelines on how to install a headboard to make a fun afternoon of this project:

  • Unpack the box and make sure all the parts are there
  • Lay out everything on a flat surface, and using the instructions, put pieces where they'll go so you can visual the setup
  • Position one metal leg on the headboard and line up the holes on the leg with the mounting holes on the board
  • Fasten the legs to the board using the bolts and washers supplied, but don't fully tighten them
  • Remove the mattress and bed base
  • Look for mounting holes on the base of the bed, typically in the corner bracket
  • If there are no holes, use the legs as a template to mark and drill two holes on either side that match the slots on the legs
  • Position the headboard and fit two bolts through the bed frame into the slots at the bottom of each leg using a washer on either side
  • Adjust the height of the headboard, making certain it's level, and then fully tighten the bolts
  • Replace the mattress, and then step back and enjoy your stylish new bed head
  • Furniture and Bedding to Complement Your Bed

    Now that your headboard is installed, it's time to spruce up your bedroom by picking out other bed and bath products that'll complement your new addition. For example, add a pop of color by selecting a quilt or pillows. Choose from colors and patterns that match your headboard design, or be adventurous by picking out bold floral, geometric or ruffled styles that catch the eye. We like the idea of picking out items individually so that you have total control of your look, but we can also appreciate the convenience of a matching bedding collection. If you want to take things one step further, pull together the look of both your bedroom and bathroom by also changing out bathroom accessories such as the shower curtain, mats and towels.

    Revamping your sleeping area is also a good time to take stock of other things you might be missing in the bedroom. Why not take the opportunity to upgrade your nightstands and dressers to match your lovely new headboard design? Shop for other furniture items, such as tables, dressers and chairs, based on your need for more room, more storage or more seating space.

    Adding a headboard can rejuvenate your space and create a fresh, new look. The fact that installation is so quick and simple only adds to the appeal. Now that you know how to install a headboard, review stylish designs to find just the perfect addition for your space, and then make an afternoon of installing it and redecorating.