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Get the Dirt on Our DIY Terrarium

Impressively Easy

Our DIY Terrarium transforms a simple glass container and inexpensive plants into a swoon-worthy, scene-stealing object of beauty.

What You'll Need:

Glass Vessel or Jar with Lid
Smooth, dark rocks
Potting Soil
Chopsticks (optional)
Decorative accents like moss, crystals or seaglass

Step 1. Rock Bottom

Place the rocks at the bottom of the vessel for drainage. The larger the vessel, the thicker the rock layer. Leave enough space at the top of the vessel so the terrarium looks spacious and not cramped.

Step 2. Dirty Talk

Add a layer of charcoal to absorb moisture and excess water. The charcoal layer also helps to keep plants from rotting.

Step 3. Soil In

Layer the potting soil deep enough to cover the plant roots. If you're unsure about which type of soil to use, take a look at the plant's nursery tag for guidance, or call your local nursery for their recommendations.

Step 4. Space & Place

Use chopsticks to maneuver plants into place. Begin with larger succulents and then tuck smaller ones in to fill in the gaps.

Step 5. Make it Yours

Add decorative accents. This is where your creativity can really shine. We kept it natural with moss, geodes and pretty sea glass, but you can use any items you love to look at.

Step 6. Plant Parenting Tips:

Never place a terrarium in direct sunlight.
Do not over water your terrarium.
Water plants only when they start to droop.
Want more tips and tricks? Visit our Care and Feeding of Succulents page.

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