How to Choose Throw Pillows That Accent Any Furniture Piece

Learning how to choose throw pillows will help you to liven up any room of the house. Whether you're decorating a new home or refreshing your current one, stylish and comfortable throw pillows bring visual interest to spaces big and small. As you sift through throw pillow ideas, consider both practical and aesthetic elements, such as the size of the pillows, where you'll use them and what colors or patterns you like best. With a few of our fun and easy tips, you'll be picking designer throw pillows like a pro.

Size Matters

First things first, when you decide on how to choose throw pillows to accent your furniture, ask yourself if you want to accent a big piece, such as your California King bed, or something smaller, such as a delicate armchair. The answer will tell you what the throw pillow dimensions should be. Our general rule of thumb is that the pillows you choose should complement your furniture, not overwhelm it. While there are endless throw pillow ideas, we think that bolster, lumbar and square styles are functional and chic.

Bolster pillows are long, cylindrical and made from sturdy materials, so they hold their shape and support you as you lounge. Throw pillow sets including a classic bed bolster might be perfect for you if you already have traditional bed and bath products, such as a four-poster bed frame or a vanity. Or, you can break the mold by setting small bolsters alongside the arms of your living room couch. Lumbar pillows, on the other hand, typically decorate armchairs and are (you guessed it) for lumbar support. We think they're ideal additions to the straight-backed or deep-seated chairs in your living room or home office. We love that their rectangular shape adds visual interest to a space and tricks the eye by making narrow chairs appear wider.

We are fans of the idea of choosing the same designer throw pillows for the different armchairs in your home. That way, you can keep your eclectic mix of furniture while still visually unifying your room. The most common of all throw pillows, the square version, is a gold standard that works almost anywhere. Ranging in size from small at 16 inches to jumbo at 22 inches, these work outdoors on patio seating and indoors on any piece of furniture; we even use them on the floor as cushions!

Location, Location, Location

We're here to let you in on a little secret: Designer throw pillows aren't just for the inside. For next-level fabulousness, add outdoor throw pillows to your porch or patio furniture. Look for something durable such as acrylic and polyester fabrics when you're determining how to choose throw pillows for the outdoors. These fabrics are weatherproof, quick drying and fade resistant, not to mention soft. Rain or shine, you'll know that your throw pillow sets will withstand the elements. In addition, they're stain resistant for easy cleaning, so you can invite everyone over for a summertime barbecue without fear of ruining your new pillows.

As you're styling your patio or porch, incorporate colors from your interior spaces. By uniting the color schemes of your indoor and outdoor "rooms," you'll make your home feel larger and your patio or porch feel homier. For the outside, we love throw pillow ideas such as big woven textures or natural fiber accents as a nod to Mother Nature's beauty.

Colors, Patterns and Textures, Oh My!

In our opinion, the final and the most fun part of choosing throw pillow sets for the home is deciding on colors, patterns and textures. Look at your existing home decor and pillows or consider your favorite colors. These might be just the inspiration you'll need to choose a scheme for your new throw pillows. Tip: If you're still undecided, compare paint swatches to get ideas for throw pillow hues. This might come in especially handy if your favorite shade is bold red or lime green. Don't get us wrong, we love bright colors, but they have an energizing effect that may not work for your bedroom. Instead, we suggest you opt for more soothing shades of your favorite color to carry you off to dreamland. A final tip: We love mixing and matching hues based on the principles of color theory. By brushing up on these basics tenets, you'll be able to choose harmonious pairings like a pro.

In addition to colors, patterns are another factor for how to choose throw pillows. Walk to your closet and browse through your clothes. What patterns pop up the most? Striped? Floral? Geometric? We bet you'll find a common theme you weren't even aware of, and perhaps the basis for the patterns you choose for your throw pillows. If your design style is more traditional, add symmetry by choosing four pillows: two solid and two matching patterned ones. For a truly funky finish, choose three or five designer throw pillows in a mix of patterns, but be sure to flex your color theory expertise to maintain harmony.

Finally, let's talk texture. We believe that texture is an important way to give the space you're decorating depth and dimension. And this is a task for which throw pillows are ideal. If you're aiming for a more reserved look, consider choosing ones with tassels or embroidery to accent the others. However, if looking for bold statement pieces, we highly recommend audacious throw pillow ideas such as macrame weave or fur (which we dare you not to pet).

Now that you know how to choose throw pillows in the perfect size and style for any piece of furniture indoor and out, we're confident you'll be able to personalize your home with comfort and sophistication. Your space will be ready for its close-up with designer throw pillows that bring touches from one room to the next, unifying not just each room, but your entire home. Above all, be brave! Throw pillows are small, affordable and easily changed depending on your mood or the season. Therefore, as you begin decorating (or redecorating) your home, exercise your expertise by shopping for throw pillow sets from among our vast selection.