How to Choose Worldly Bedding for an Eclectic Feel

You don't have be a seasoned traveler to bring the best elements of worldly bedding to your own home. In fact, we've found some great ways to give any room an international sense of style that recreates the world's most lasting trends. Check out these exciting ways to introduce global accents into bedrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Keep It Loose and Be Flexible

There's nothing like a little flexibility when it comes to decor. Simply put, move out of your comfort zone and into a world of possibilities. So, where do you start? Look around you, and the answer quickly appears. The current decor of your bedroom is a great beginning. Modern styles love to mingle with classic details, while rustic accents can benefit from a new burst of contemporary international flare.

Luckily, worldly bedding collections can provide everything you need. Use all of the pieces or mix and match with other sets to produce just what you're searching for in a bedroom. Bright colors, patterns and even textures can bring down the contrast of an already bold bedroom. This rule is especially true if you're using bed and bath products that have no relation to your new additions.

Know Each Region's Best Materials

Each region has certain materials that define its style to the rest of the world. As you buy worldly bedding, think about the characteristics that help each fabric stand out. We're talking about everything from distinctive patterns to the level of softness. For example, Asian countries bring their unique and beautiful selections to a range of bedding collections and separate pieces. We especially like their brocade, linen and silk options because they're soft enough for duvets but durable enough for curtains or tapestries.

Type of Asian Fabric What is it? Special Details
Brocade Brocade is a patterned fabric that pushes out its main designs to create a raised appearance. Asian patterns emphasize characters such as dragons alongside flowers and bamboo accents.
Linen Flax material that promotes a soft, natural feel for worldly bedding collections. This fabric is often a part of draperies, but also plays its part in many bedding choices.
Silk This natural choice is actually created by silkworms and features a delicate structure. Silk comes in both solid and patterned prints. You'll find it on many pieces related to bedding and upholstery.

Find Patterns That Mean Something to You

From floral to bohemian designs, patterns that mean something to you should take the place of run-of-the-mill options. What better way to personalize your worldly bedding collections than prints that inspire and highlight everything you love about a specific style or place? For us, nothing beats a great pattern when you're putting together that perfect bedroom motif. We especially like globally themed choices that bring the world into the room, but easily adapt to changing trends.

Pattern Why You Might Like It
Chevron These zigzag patterns come in a variety of colors to match any worldly bedding ideas.
Ikat This standout design is dyed to create a unique look. It also works well with many of the world's most recognizable geometric patterns.
Chinoiserie If you're looking for an interpretation of classic Asian patterns, look no further than this charming design. On quilts and duvets, they take on an even more charming appearance.
Greek Key Greek key is put to use in worldly bedding borders, but the stylish pattern can cover any part of your home decor. Look for it in small lines on everything from curtains to couches.
Animal Prints Animal prints convey much of the natural wonders found around the world. Use them to recreate a safari or trip to a national park.

Combine Styles from Several Locations

Create the ultimate bedroom with a mix of styles from around the globe. Don't settle on just one motif; instead, find ways to incorporate several bedding trends into your plans. For example, balance colorful South American fabrics with contemporary African accents that highlight similar color schemes. If you love worldly bedding collections with a focus on India, think about brocade accents that bring out the delicate fabrics and detailing. We like pairing bright beading or sequined selections with muted burlaps or natural fabrics.

Consider More Than Just Your Bed

Look for ways to introduce worldly bedding collections into other parts of the bedroom. Create a tropical destination or recreate Tokyo's trendiest spots with bedroom furniture; it's all up to you. We've seen many great ideas, but some of our favorites rely on imagination and a sense of wonder. Throw your sheets up to create colorful tapestries as well as wall hangings. Add a frame to turn fabric into art. Pillowcases are for more than just pillows: Pull them over the backs of chairs to make your own slipcovers. If you're planning a bedroom for kids, place a quilt or comforter on the floor for a fun sitting area; simply add toys, and they'll be ready to make up their own adventures.

Worldly bedding can convey everything you enjoy about regions and cultures. It's also not a bad way to bring some unconventional style into every part of your bedroom. Look for our worldly bedding collections as well as new additions that'll make anyone believe you're the quintessential world traveler.