How to Choose Quality Bedding That's Comfortably on Budget

You've surely wondered how to choose bedding that's not going to leave a dent in your bank account. We know it can seem like you're walking a tightrope between budget-friendly choices and something guaranteed to give you a good night's sleep. Well, we have some surefire tips that'll keep you comfortable, cozy and saving a bundle.

A Material World: Choosing Fabrics

This might seem like a no-brainer, but don't underestimate the importance of fabrics. Materials are probably one of the most important factors to consider as you search for high-quality bedding. Let's start with durability. Fabrics that don't fade or tear after repeated use give you more time before they need to be replaced. Weather is more than an outdoor concept, but it also influences how you sleep. We recommend that you find types of bedding fabrics that work with a specific climate. Warm, cozy flannels are great if your winters are long and harsh, or if you tend to be cold. In the summer, you can break out the breathable cotton bedding for those hot nights — or, opt for these all year if you're more warm-blooded.

Sometimes the bedding you choose can inspire the look of your entire room — and even into the bathroom! Choosing bedding and bath items in a hue that works everywhere is easier than you'd think, thanks to the diverse array of quality bedding options available. You might also like to mix and match contrasting patterns, like stripes and paisleys in similar color palettes, which appear in many classic trends. 

Don't Be Fooled by Thread Count

Anyone who's ever looked at different types of bedding has probably encountered the concept of thread count. We're here to tell you that it doesn't mean as much as you probably think it does. Lower thread count shouldn't discourage you; in fact, it might just be what you need. A higher thread count equals a higher price tag. If you want comfortable, quality bedding that matches a smaller budget, look for a thread count of about 200. Even a 200 to 500-count set is surprisingly affordable, and the soft textures make it easy to fall asleep when bedtime rolls around.

In case you're wondering, the signs of a good thread at any count are:

  • Threads that don't break or tear as they bend
  • The longer the better when it comes to natural fabrics
  • Tighter weaves or blends are always better
  • Keep It Simple

    You can never go wrong when you keep it simple. Look for quality bedding colors that match your current room decor, and those that'll easily blend in with any future changes to the motif. Patterns can break a budget in no time, and they go out of style as quickly as they become the newest trend for beds. Unless you're dealing with a classic pattern that has staying power, stick with the solid colors and tones you've come to expect. This type of bedding lasts longer and helps you stay well within your budget.

    Bedding Sets for a Budget

    Sets could be the answer you're searching for as you put together a bedroom. Not only do they bring together all the quality bedding pieces you need to complete a room's look, they could also save you some time as well on mixing and matching items. We commonly use them for moves into a new home or apartment, but high-quality bedding sets can help when it comes time for a quick room re-do. Don't overlook them when a bedroom or guest room needs some inexpensive TLC. It's like having an interior decorator choose your bedding collections, without the cost. In terms of variety, the types of bedding sets available range from large multi-piece collections with accessories to small packages of just the necessities.

    Blankets, Comforters and Duvets, Oh My!

    Be prepared because we're going to talk about the world of bed coverings. First, consider how much bed coverage you'll need. Keep it in line with what you require and don't wrap yourself in unnecessary layers. First, let's define each of these types of bedding. Blankets are usually thin layers that sit just above your sheets. Comforters cover blankets with thick, pillowy layers, and duvets are added accessories that mainly act as a cover for them. All three can become serious budget breakers if you buy them without knowing what you're getting.

    If you still want to go all out for quality bedding, try to find sets that bring all three pieces together in budget-friendly combinations. If not, focus on the comforter. You can always add a duvet or blanket later, but the comforter is the staple of any design. Another option is to replace the duvet and blanket entirely with a quilt. These classic pieces are not just for rustic or farmhouse motifs. Use them with modern trends as well as classic decor to create outstanding quality bedding styles. Of course, you can always make up your own combinations as you consider how to choose bedding that'll be just right for your budget.

    It's hard to sleep well if you think you've spent too much. With so many types of bedding available, it's easy to find something that'll keep you and your wallet happy. Remember to check out sets and single piece options that are ideal for updating your bedroom style.