How to Choose Durable Area Rugs

Whether you own a home, rent an apartment, or help to decorate the homes of others, you know that there are multiple factors that go into choosing an area rug. Everything from the location you decorate to the size of the room play a part in your decision, but you also need area rugs that sustain the test of time.

With the fashionable patterns and impression array of materials available in the industry today, it is easy to find a durable floor area rug that blends with the rest of your decor. And some of your fabric choices include natural fiber and polypropylene area rugs. Check out a few area rugs ideas to find the most durable style for you.

What Level of Durability Do You Need?

The durability of an area rug has two meanings: strong enough to withstand high-traffic spaces and durable enough to resist the elements and time. Essentially, you need to consider what kind of activity surrounds the floor covering, which dictates the material needed as well. If you want to use a designer area rug as a decorative piece, then choose something that people will not walk on or that you know will receive very little foot traffic. In this case, it won’t require regular cleaning, which means the fibers endure less wear and naturally last longer. However, with something placed in a space that will have an influx of traffic, you need to go with a rug that features strong materials, such as wool, which is durable enough to tolerate years of cleanings.

Aesthetic Pleasure–Choose the Style

Style is often the deciding factor, and it's on par with the durability matter. When choosing a style, you are also deciding on the material, as they go hand in hand, and you have a varied selection to consider. Natural fiber area rugs consist of materials like wool, hemp, bamboo, sisal, and seagrass. Wool varieties offer softness with durability and feature impressive resistance to stains. Hemp rugs, also a sturdy option, are incredibly stylish and simple to clean. Bamboo choices have similar strength and cleaning ease, and they make beautiful outdoor area rugs to complement outside dining sets or other seating arrangements. Sisal and seagrass versions are suitable for indoor placement in dry areas and offer the necessary strength needed for constant foot traffic.

Synthetic fiber selections use man-made materials and include nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic. Any nylon rug you choose provides durability, along with impressive softness, offering a luxurious feel, perfect for barefoot residents. It comes in many different patterns and textures, and like polypropylene area rugs, you can find a piece to match the decor of any space, whether it sits in front of a doorway or it becomes a landing place at the foot of the kitchen sink. The easiest synthetic fiber version to clean is polyester, which requires simple vacuuming. Acrylic area rugs are stain resistant and also simple to clean, as they easily take in and release wetness and moisture. In fact, it is the closest material that is like natural fiber wool, which means that it also offers a luxurious touch and appearance.

Cleaning Both Natural and Synthetic Rugs

Another major aspect of the selection process is the ability to clean your area rug. Each material requires different treatment, though those with the highest durability, which include wool, bamboo, sisal, seagrass, and acrylic, are also the easiest to clean overall. Since some natural fibers tend to cling to stains, you must blot any blemish immediately to get rid of the excess moisture. Continue to blot the rug until there is no more wetness remaining. Do not use a steam cleaning process on any natural fiber area rug unless you are hiring a professional service.

Synthetic rugs are much simpler to clean, since they naturally dry at a faster rate. You can steam clean nearly any stain at home, though most blemishes only require blotting and a little carpet cleaner. Keep these cleaning products in stock in your home at all times for spotless floor coverings throughout the year. For long-term use, follow a cleaning schedule with any synthetic area rug in order to have it look as new as the day you bought.

Knowing how to choose an area rug with your desired durability is essential when decorating a room. There are multiple materials to consider, from natural fibers to synthetic selections, and each one has advantages for different living spaces. Use the color scheme of your bedroom, living room, or even your patio area to narrow down your choices, and also think about the foot traffic in the area. Stock up on cleaning products when you find the top-rated area rug that fits your desires. Take a look at our vast selection of products to find the most durable area rug for your home decor.