How to Choose a Rug Size for Your Living Space 

Making the decision to add a rug to a room is an exciting change to any home, whether you just moved in, or you want to bring new character into your current space. Adding such a significant decor piece has the power to bring together a room as part of a motif, and can even set the color scheme, but the most important part about choosing any synthetic or natural fiber rug is knowing how to choose a rug size.

With so many different options available, you are able to decide what suits your needs best, without the help of a professional decorator. This rug size guide shows you the keys to fitting this type of accessory in any room, regardless of the size or shape of it. To start, you need to consider everything from the room you choose to the furniture arrangement, which helps you narrow down your choices. Even though the color and pattern make a difference, the size combined with the layout of the room can make an entire motif. 

Deciding Which Room to Decorate With a Rug 

Each room has several factors to consider when you decide the size of the rug that should join the rest of the decor. For instance, when you are deciding what size rug for a living room, consider the traffic and the arrangement of the existing furniture. For instance, since a long couch is a big piece to accommodate, use a rug that is about 6 inches shorter on both sides to maintain balance. 

The decision of what size rug for the dining room is a unique venture. Most dining rooms do not have excessive decoration, making a rug the perfect centerpiece to tie in the colors. The size and shape should match the shape of the table, and should generally be 36 inches wider on all sides of the table to accommodate the chairs.

The bedroom is another key area of the house but often doesn’t have much space for a large rug. Choosing runners gives a less cluttered and more unique appearance, but any rug should offer about 18 to 24 inches of space around the bed and end tables. If you place one right next to the bed, it should match the length from the edge of a nightstand to the foot of the bed.

When you take this type of decoration outdoors, it is always wise to choose a look that matches the motif, but won’t succumb to the elements while exposed. Placement is important since an outdoor rug typically goes beneath a patio table set or as part of a seating area.

Consider the Size and Shape of the Room 

The layout of every home is different, which is why it's necessary to take the size of the room into account. A large room has more arrangement options and easily accommodates many sizes, depending on the placement. A rather small room is not able to realistically accommodate a large area rug, though runners and similar styles can bring out the balance and color. Regardless, the chosen piece should be to scale if covering the whole room, though you want to leave at least 18 inches of space around the edge of the floor.

The shape of the room is equally important in your selection, and the rug size and design should mimic the natural shape of the room. A long room needs to have one that runs lengthwise with the longest walls, like a floor runner, rather than one that is square or circular. A room that is square accommodates shapes that a long room cannot, like a circular option. Generally, the size of the room will have the greatest impact on the size you choose.  

Deciding on the Placement of a Rug 

Even before you choose the style and size you want for your home, you need to consider the layout of the room you choose. Furniture is easy to move around, but a rug is a feature that brings the room together, so the placement is crucial to deciding the right size. Some people find that the use of painter’s tape to outline the future position is helpful since it offers a visual example of the placement before you lay it down.

There are plenty of different arrangements that you can use, but a good rule of thumb in any space is to keep open air flow underneath the furniture that it touches, avoiding the cluttered and busy look. When you have the choice of two sizes that are on either side of the width and length you want, the better choice is always the larger of the two. You want to have a room that is seamless, rather than looking bare, which is why a bigger size is usually the best decision.

The decision to add a rug is a personal choice, and you should look for a piece that exudes your personality and individual style. Decorating a home is often about knowing exactly what you want, and these tricks of the trade show you exactly the details you should factor in as you make this room-changing decision. Once you understand exactly what you hope to buy, browse through our large selection to find the rug you'll love.