How to Choose a Birthday Gift Your Grandchildren Will Love

Learning how to choose a birthday gift for your grandchildren that they will love is easier than you probably think. Once you factor in your grandchildren's ages and make a list of their general interests, shopping for the gifts is simple. Check out these tips and birthday gift ideas to learn how to choose the perfect present.

Choosing the Right Type of Gift

When you’re learning how to choose a birthday gift for a child, the first thing you need to consider is the child’s age. If your grandchildren are teenagers, shop for birthday gifts simple by purchasing new clothes and maybe even gift cards. Most teenagers have hobbies and interests, too, so purchase presents that relate to some of their favorite activities. For example, if you have a grandson who loves to draw or write, think about buying him pads of drawing paper and related supplies or get him a journal that is unique to his personality. Your granddaughter who is into fashion will appreciate new jewelry to add to her accessories collection.

Younger children enjoy getting toys and games for their birthdays, while adult grandchildren appreciate gift baskets filled with items for them to enjoy, as well as things for their homes such as candles, decorative lamps, vases, bowls, and small pieces of furniture like coffee tables or end tables. There are so many nice birthday gift options available; all you need to do is choose something that’s appropriate for someone your grandchild’s age.

Toys and Outdoor Games

While shopping for toys and games, consider whether you want to buy presents that the kids will use inside the house or outside. When the kids play outside often, look for gifts that your grandchildren can use to enhance their outdoor activities. Consider sports-related toys or items such as massive bubble blowers or streamers on a stick that your grandchildren can twirl around as they play and frolic.

When your birthday gift ideas involve indoor games and toys, you have a wide variety of items to choose from. Stuffed animals are thoughtful options for younger girls and boys, and so are age-appropriate books that help them learn to read. For school-age children, let them express their creative side with craft items and sets. Find arts and crafts sets that teach children how to knit, let them design clothes, or allow them to build amazing things, such as small robots. Science kits are another option—they are both fun and educational. Additional birthday gift choices for school-age children include handheld magnetic tile kits and sets that teach them how to do magic tricks.

Board Games and Puzzles

Board games and puzzles make suitable birthday gift ideas for your grandchildren of any age. When the kids span in age from very young to adults, choose any number of classic board games. Many of these games are simple enough for the younger kids to play and they are still plenty of fun that all generations of your grandkids can enjoy them, including the adults. When you are unfamiliar with the trends and you need something for your school-age grandkid, be sure to browse through lists of the current top birthday gifts to see what types of games and puzzles are popular at the moment. Look for electronic handheld games and those that have a lot of bright, colorful pieces.

Games that let kids build marble chutes are fun for the younger generations and ones that feature animals, dinosaurs, and popular cartoon characters are always a hit. If your grandchildren prefer solo play, look for jigsaw puzzles or handheld puzzles that require them to match the colors on each side of a shape or change the puzzles from one shape to another. Also, keep an eye out for portable games—your grandkids may appreciate smaller games that are easy to take on long car rides or have with them in their college dorm rooms.

Gift Sets

Unique birthday gifts go a long way, so consider purchasing gift sets with items they would never think of themselves. Teenage girls appreciate themed gift sets filled with relaxing items such as bubble bath or body lotion. Opt for food-themed gift sets for your adult grandchildren who love to cook or the younger ones who are budding chefs. You can even choose birthday gift sets filled with food items from various countries throughout the world.

To find the most fitting birthday gift ideas, search for gifts by occasion and pick out sets that are ideal birthday presents, such as dish or glass sets for your adult grandson who recently moved into a new home. While you’re learning how to buy birthday gifts for your grandchildren, keep in mind that you can also make your own presents. It’s easy to fill gift baskets or boxes with items you know they will love such as toy cars, art paper, and colored pencils, or home decor items to dress up their bedrooms.

Learning how to buy birthday gifts that your grandkids will love is easy. As long as you take their age and hobbies into account when you're choosing the presents, you can't go wrong. Our wide selection of unique items offers something for children of any generation.