How to Buy Living Room Furniture That Meets Your Needs: The Ultimate Living Room Furniture Buying Guide

Aside from ensuring that your new living room furniture is stylish, it should also add to the purpose of the room, whether it’s for entertainment, relaxation, or hosting guests. While there is no single “best” way to furnish a living room, there are certain steps that you can take to ensure that the living room furniture you pick meets your unique needs. Consider these steps in your quest for an updated living space.

Create a Plan

First, decide how you plan to use your living room. Then take into account its size and any the number of living room furniture pieces you want to incorporate. These are all important factors to consider before you buy living room furniture. You may already have a few pieces in mind but before you purchase them, you need to measure your space first so you know how much room you have to work with so you don't buy pieces that are too big or too small. Remember to measure any doorways too, as your furniture needs to pass through these areas on delivery.

Next, create a floor plan. Be flexible and draw out different ideas for now, as you may change your mind later. Be sure to space apart your living room furniture as necessary. Leave some room in between so your family and guests can still walk comfortably around the room. Also include enough seats for the entire family and items like coffee tables, entertainment consoles, and any pieces that might already be in the space, like a fireplace or piano.

Consider Your Theme and Personal Style

The next step is to come up with a theme or style. Whether you prefer modern or traditional, Mediterranean or romantic, your choices of living room chairs, ottomans, tables, sofas, and accent pieces are nearly limitless. Be sure to pick items that help create the ambiance you want. For example, living room wood furniture adds warmth to a space, while mismatched seating gives an eclectic feel. Create a plan ahead of time so you know what living room furniture to get and you efficiently use all the available space in this room. Also, consider any adjoining spaces like a kitchen or dining room. You may want to coordinate with the style in these rooms by choosing complementary pieces and colors.

Think About Comfort

Sofas and chairs add dimension to a room and help create conversion areas. These living room furniture pieces should be comfortable enough to sit on for several hours and still look great. Consider additional seating for days when you need to entertain guests in your home and make your decision based on how often this happens.

If the family occasionally eats meals in this space, you may want to get easy-to-clean tables and chairs. If you like to use the living room as an entertainment space, a very cozy sofa is definitely an ideal investment. If you’re a couple with limited space, a living room small loveseat is a perfect choice to cuddle up on.

Check the Material and Strength

Since you use the living room daily, it only makes sense to have furniture that is durable. When shopping for living room furniture, make sure that the frames are stable. When possible, you only want to pick pieces made with high-quality materials that last for many years. For the longest lasting living room furniture, the foam padding and upholstery should be durable as well.

If you have children or pets at home, fabric upholstery that's easy to clean is a must. Look for stain-resistant and water-resistant treatments to make cleanup a breeze. If you only use this space occasionally for entertaining guests, living room furniture made with delicate fabrics is sufficient.

Leather chairs are durable and they add a classic touch to your home, while living room wood furniture enhances in appearance as it ages. Items made from solid hardwoods offer the most durability. It helps to read reviews of top-rated living room furniture pieces and sets because they give you an idea how durable the furniture is and how they performed for others.

Maximize Your Available Space

Any size living room can greatly benefit from multipurpose pieces. These items make your space feel functional, spacious, and more organized. Ottomans with hidden storage are perfect for stowing away items you only occasionally need, and you can use a trunk as a quirky coffee table. Some living room modern furniture pieces have creative functions such as large paintings which can turn into a table when flipped over or a sofa that transforms into a queen-sized bed, ready for use by overnight guests. Coffee tables with convertible tops make great places to eat or work.

If you can’t find multipurpose living room furniture, look for items that give the illusion of space such as a glass-topped coffee table or large mirrors. Sofas and armchairs with raised legs are also perfect for creating a sense of space. To make your living room feel roomier, consider placing some of your furniture at an angle to the walls. This makes your room look and feel bigger with open space surrounding pieces of furniture.

Add Accents

Once you’ve looked at all types of living room furniture and have taken care of the basics, such as the sofa, armchair, table, and side table, it's time to add accent pieces. These accessories are not the focal point of the space, but simply an addition that brings everything together. They break up plain walls and are ideal for filling in bare spaces. Some accent pieces you can add are extra seating and bookshelves, and ottomans and trunks, if you haven't already included these kinds of items.

One or two accent pieces is perfect, but if you have extra room, consider getting a few more. Try not to go overboard as you still want to make your space feel airy and functional. Choose carefully and you’ll turn a nice living room into an extraordinary one.

Transform the look and feel of your home with new living room furniture. Be sure to pick and choose your items wisely, taking durability, color, and style into consideration. After you've made your plan and decided which pieces you need, you'll find that we have a wide selection of quality home furnishings to suit almost any taste and budget.