How to Buy Gifts for Women: A Guide for Nervous Men

If you've got a special lady in your life, it's easy to find her the ideal gift when you learn how to buy gifts for women. Consider all the options available, from items related to their interests, such as traveling or gardening, to something that complements their wardrobe. Find the perfect birthday gifts or other presents for any occasion, whether you are shopping for your wife, mother, daughter, or even your boss. 

Shop by Her Interests


If she has the travel bug or dreams of seeing the world one day, then give her something to keep her love of travel alive. Consider a gift set that lets her experience snacks from around the globe. It could be a place that she hopes to see one day or one that she plans to revisit. Some countries include:

  • Japan
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • France

  • Cooking

    When your wife or sister is the queen of the kitchen; always perfecting her latest recipe, surprise her with something that goes straight to her chef's heart.

    An electric mixer is a functional addition to any kitchen and something she will appreciate. For a unique gift idea, choose a mixer with an old-fashioned appearance that stands out and adds character to the room.

    Different styles of dishes and glasses are available for you to help start her collection or finish it off. If the woman in your life enjoys her morning coffee, new mugs with unique designs or fun splashes of color make a wonderful addition to her selection. For the wine connoisseur, a thoughtful gift idea for her is a new glassware set that is a little different from her current one, which she can pull out for special occasions.

    Let her grow her own herbs to add to her recipes and give her a kit that allows her to do so from the comfort of her kitchen. Other types of gifts for women who rule the kitchen are various spices from around the world. Mix and match a selection flavors to create a flavorful present. Add cookbooks and a few new utensils to the package and give her tools she needs for food experimentation.


    After a hard day’s work or a long week, it’s nice to go home and relax, and nothing beats a spa-like experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Spoil your wife or daughter with some unique gifts for women that help with relaxation. Custom design her home spa package and give her a selection of soaps in different fragrances. Add body lotions and hand creams and choose some with scents that complement the soaps. Include sponges and body scrubs to enhance her experience and let her finish off her spa day with a selection of body sprays. To set the theme in the room for total relaxation, give her candles to create a soothing environment while she soaks in the tub or sits back with a good book.


    Whether she is an artist by trade or enjoys a pop of color and unique prints, art pieces are suitable gift ideas for women. Pictures and frames brighten up a living space or bedroom, and an interesting painting adds a special touch to her office. If your special lady likes to sew, there is a wide range of sewing patterns you can pick from to let her create something that is all her own. Let her express her artistic side through writing and gift her with a journal or set of journals that feature fun and colorful covers.


    When searching for gifts for her, choose something that encourages her to use her green thumb inside the house or something that enhances her outdoor garden. Terrariums are lovely indoor plants that she can plant and grow anywhere. A garden bench placed near her favorite rose bushes gives her a place to sit and admire her hard work.

    Interior Design

    No matter if your wife or sister is an interior design enthusiast or not, chances are she appreciates new furniture pieces in her home, and they are ideal gift ideas for her. And having new pieces gives her the opportunity to change them out as her mood does. Whether they're a Mother's Day gifts or for other holidays, quality designer pieces such as tables, chairs, or lamps are suitable choices for the occasion. If she's a collector of decorative items, candles, vases, and signs add a personal touch to any room.


    Accessories are the types of gifts for women that are pivotal to any outfit. Find your special lady a scarf she can wear with her favorite winter ensembles, or choose a few in a selection of her preferred colors. You can even find them in light materials that accessorize her warm-weather wardrobe. Help her put the final touch on her outfits with accessories that sparkle or that show off her favorite color, and gift her with a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a necklace.

    For a lady who has everything, a bag or tote is always a hit, and even as a nervous man buying a gift for a woman, you know she can always use a new handbag, especially if you choose one in basic black or another neutral color that goes with everything.

    Unique Items

    When you really want your present to make an impression, a unique gift for her not only stands out, but she will enjoy telling her friends and family where it came from. Let her show off her favorite bottle with a wine monkey that wraps around it or decorate her home office desk with a unicorn tape dispenser or a fashionable pen and pencil set.

    Make Each Gift Extra Special

    If you want to add a little extra something to your gift, pick out special wrapping paper that makes a statement. There are several different styles to choose from, such as selections that feature fun and colorful designs for certain occasions. The final touch on your present to her can also be a handpicked greeting card that expresses how you feel.

    Whether it’s a thank-you gift or something to say “I’ll love you forever,” picking out a gift for the woman in your life is a breeze when you know how to buy gifts for women. We have a vast selection of gifts for women that fit every taste and hobby.