How to Buy an Accent Table That Fits with Your Furniture 

We think the most important thing to consider when deciding how to buy an accent table is the way it complements the rest of your decor, since the whole idea behind an accent table is that it's an accompaniment to the rest of your furniture. Both functional and decorative, these pieces fill out unused space and round out a room while giving you an added area for storage. We recommend that you make sure you have as many as you need to be comfortable, with spots for that stack of books on your reading list, a lamp to light your way and maybe a cup of coffee nearby.

First, consider what types of accent tables you need for the room: a nightstand to sit next to your bed, an end table to place beside a chair or a coffee table that rests in front of your couch. Next, determine what sort of use you want to get out of it. Is this a piece you want to use regularly, or will it be mainly for decoration? Find one that matches your needs in both form and function so that you have the look you want and the most comfortable layout you can put together.

In the Living Room 

The widest variety of accent furniture can be found in the living room; from coffee to end to console tables, they all have a place and a function. To make the most impact, decide where you need a piece and what size it needs to be. Look at accent table collections that mix and match styles, so you can find the one that fits your space the best and goes with the rest of your furniture.

Coffee Tables

Typically long and low, these are designed to fit in front of a sofa. Whether you want to use it for decoration only or use it as a functional table top is up to you and can determine what style to buy. Because it's lower than a regular table, you know people are going to rest their feet on it; so, look for a style that won't scuff easily. Some models include a lower shelf or other storage options as well, which can be handy in a living room without much storage space.

End Tables

Smaller and higher than a coffee table, these types of accent tables are typically used beside a couch or chair so you have a place to set a book or your glass of wine. You'll want to be sure it's around the same height as the arm of your chair or sofa, so it's easier to grab items off the table and to lean over and turn a table lamp on or off.

Console Tables

In addition to the usual living room pieces, a foyer or console table is another type of accent table we like, best used in a room or hallway with ample space. These are typically longer and higher than a coffee table and are usually used along a wall or against the back of a free-standing sofa. They often include additional storage space for things such as extra blankets, pillows, books or other items.

Laptop Tables

If you like to use your laptop in the living room or sometimes eat in front of the television (and who doesn't?), a laptop table is a portable solution that can make life a bit more comfortable. These unique accent tables have support legs on only one side, designed to fit over your legs and against your chair with a surface that's just the right size for a laptop computer, a book or a plate. Just slide it in place when you're ready to use it and put it to the side when you're done.

In the Bedroom 

Most bedrooms include at least one nightstand, a type of accent table designed to sit next to your bed, usually holding a lamp, alarm clock and anything else you want within easy reach at bedtime, such as a glass of water or a book. Although it's considered an accent piece, we really think that a good nightstand is critical to a comfortable bedroom. Be sure to choose one around the same height as your mattress, making it easy to reach while you're lying in bed. These pieces sometimes include drawers or shelves for a small amount of storage, or they may just be simple tables with a small surface space to add to your existing bedroom furniture. When selecting a nightstand, determine whether you need just one or if you want a matching set, one for each side. 

Choosing an Accent Table 

When you're choosing the right types of accent tables for your room, consider the decor that you're trying to match, including the other furniture pieces already in the room and decide whether you want the new addition to blend in or stand out as a bold statement in style or color. Determine what kind of material you want it to be made of, from sleek wood to a modern glass top or stark metal. As you're deciding on a material, consider what will look the best with your existing decor, as well as the care that'll need to go into each option. Remember that you'll need to clean a glass top table often to prevent fingerprints from showing while wood or metal may just need regular dusting.

Also, decide whether you need additional storage in your room. If so, we recommend an option that offers shelves, drawers or a cupboard below. Determine if it needs to be sturdy enough to support a lamp or other fixture, or if it'll truly just be decorative. You can choose from designer accent tables of all sizes and materials as well as custom furniture options, so it's easy to find one that'll meet your needs and be an attractive addition to the main furniture that you've already selected for your room.