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How to Build a Campfire

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How to build a campfire
What you will need:
Bundle of wood
dry wood, wide as forearm
Handful of tinder
catches fire and burns fast
Fire ring
helps contain fire
flame source
area clear of vegetation
Teepee fire lay
1. Set up: Place tinder bundle in the middle of campfire site, and form a teepee around tinder with wood bundle pieces.
2. Supply airflow: Leave an opening in your teepee so the fire gets the air it needs, and will blow flames onto the kindling.
3. Ignite: The flame should rise to the kindle and spread throughout the wood bundle.
4. Maintain: Add wood to the structure as it starts to fall. Add tinder as needed to maintain fire.
5. Extinguish: Sprinkle water on the fire to put out embers and charcoal.
Swedish flame
Hybrid style
Finnish "Rakovalkea"
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