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Housewarming Gift Ideas to Make a House Feel Like Home

Find housewarming gifts for your grown children who are just moving into their first home or for your parents who might be downsizing to help them make their new place a little homier. Whether they have an official party or now, go ahead and pick something up that adds a little something special to their new location. Housewarming gifts are also a good option for coworkers and friends. No matter what area of the home you want to buy for, there is always something unique to choose from.


A kitchen is a place where many gather for meals, homework sessions, or visits with family and friends. That's why kitchen appliances make good housewarming gifts, especially when they're for a friend or family member out on their own for the first time. Some fun housewarming gift ideas include:

  • Single-serve coffee machine
  • Wine chiller
  • Classic soda maker
  • Thermometer
  • Ice cream maker

  • Dishes are another option for housewarming gifts. There are many different sets available with unique styles to fit anyone’s taste. You can also buy single bowls for individual use or for larger meals like salads or soup. Cups and glasses for different beverages come in handy for dinner parties and casual events. Silverware, measuring spoons, and pots and pans are other everyday items that are convenient for regular use and help welcome your friends into their home. Serving trays are natural components for any kitchen when your gift receiver likes to entertain.

    Another housewarming gift idea is a cutting board that has several purposes. You can use one as a decorative piece and as a serving tray for meats and cheeses during parties. They are also the kitchen utensil of choice for chopping up all kinds of foods, such as vegetables and fruits.

    If you can’t decide what to get, kitchen multi-piece sets come in handy. These contain a variety of different tools used in everyday recipes, such as tongs and cheese graters, and they are go-to housewarming gifts for those who already have their kitchens outfitted.

    When you want to make your present stand out, find some unique housewarming gift options such as herb holders, tea cozies, or decorative cooking timers.


    Choose the bathroom, and give some unique housewarming gifts for this space. Stray from the everyday bar or liquid soap and give your friends soap petals or interesting tins that may become a conversation piece with their guests. If you're looking for something a little more personal, face and body sponges enhance shower or bath experiences. Giving them bottles of lotion or hand cream in attractive and natural aromas like lemongrass or lilac is a nice gesture and when placed in the bathroom, your gift receivers can share these with others.


    It could be a brand-new home with a lot of space or a condo that only requires minimal furniture, but either way, tables are always a necessary addition as functional pieces of room decor. Similar to tables, outdoor or garden benches make for lovely decorative pieces and are suitable housewarming gifts for your friends or coworkers moving to a place with plenty of outdoor space. Most are year-round pieces and some work indoors, as well.

    When space allows for it, daybed frames are ideal additions to new homes and much-appreciated housewarming gift ideas. They come in a variety of colors and range from basic to elaborate designs. Giving a daybed frame to your family members or friends allows them to pick the mattress that best suits their needs. It also gives them another option for sleeping quarters for whenever guests stay over and it works as a couch for everyday use.

    Indoor Gardens

    For those with a green thumb, pick up an organic herb garden kit that they can place on a counter or table. It’s an ideal housewarming gift for anyone who likes to grow things within small spaces. Cilantro and basil gardens in a can are a little more unique and don’t take up any more space than the herb kits.

    Make their house feel like a home with potted plants your friends can place anywhere. With various sizes and types available, you can pick out something personalized as a housewarming party gift. Terrariums are an ideal choice for those who enjoy growing plants indoors. Some hang from the ceiling or beams; others grow in bowls with stems and stands. For something truly unique, present your friends with a terrarium shaped like a house.

    Pet Lovers

    Whether there's a pet moving into the new house or your friends are simply animal lovers, you can find something to coincide with their admiration of furry creatures. There are gifts for different areas of the home including the office, such as magnets, paperweights, and calendars. Pillowcases, coffee mugs, signs, and kitchen towels also stand out as kind housewarming gifts for your pet lovering friends. 


    Your family member, friend, or coworker might have everything on their list checked off, but you still want to get something. Decorative housewarming gift ideas always have a place in a house and help with the final touches before it feels like a home. Look for items, such as:

  • Candles
  • Wreathes
  • Vases
  • Pictures or paintings
  • Picture frames
  • Premade Gift Baskets

    Perhaps you’re in a hurry, or you want to buy something that isn’t like anything else. Premade gift baskets fit these requirements and are available in a selection of arrangements with items that are great housewarming gift ideas. They come in different themes so you can match them to your friend's interests.

    Find a basket for your food connoisseur. Everything from salts and teas to hot sauces and nut butters is available. Choose dried fruit, various flavors of popcorn, and all sorts of cookies and chocolates for your family member's new home to help them feel welcome. For those who like to eat what they cook, the ideal housewarming gift could be travel spice sets or cheese making kits.

    Spa-themed baskets offer a wide range of items to help your family or friends settle into their new home. Baskets with lotions, soaps, nail brushes, and sponges help them relax them after a day of unpacking.

    No matter how you define "what is a housewarming gift" or who you’re buying for, we have gifts by occasion options for just about everyone, including thank-you gifts for those who deserve a little extra recognition. There's a lot to choose from, so find something special that helps their house feel like a home.