Holiday Gifts Under $15 for Large Families

Get into the spirit with holiday gifts under $15. Whether you're using them as stocking stuffers, boxing them into sets, or using them to brighten up a family member's winter day, there's a lot to love about these options. These surprisingly affordable solutions offer something for everyone.

Delicious Treats Everyone Can Share and Enjoy

There's nothing like sharing cookies and cakes with your family. Cookie tins are ideal for gift giving, as most everyone loves these treats at the holidays, and seasonal cakes are easy to split between the whole family, or you can individually wrap pieces as mini cakes. Candy and chocolates are more than just stocking stuffers; they are the go-to accessories for family parties and gatherings. Give out bags of specially selected mixes or focus on a box of milk or dark chocolates for the ones you love. White chocolates are another choice for holiday gifts under $15 uniquely suited to the holiday season's special flavors.

Relaxing Gifts Adults Love

Every member of your family can appreciate the best gifts under $15 that help them reduce stress and stay calm after a busy day. Fragrant gift baskets with candles introduce pleasing scented picks in glass jars. Spa tools like body brushes and specialty soaps help mom or grandma create a spa in her own home. Hand creams are ideal for "on-the-go" spa sessions.

For Family Members Who Love to Cook

When it comes to your family members who have a passion for the grill, there's something to enjoy about presents that help them prepare their signature dishes. Sauces and dry rub spices come in sets or you can put together several flavorful choices to create special mixes perfect for each person. When it comes to choosing flavors, ask the following questions:

  • What meats or veggies they regularly cook?
  • What level of spiciness do they prefer?
  • Do they like sweet and tangy options?
  • Are they interested in exotic spices and recipes?
  • Do they collect sauces or would they be interested in starting a collection?

  • Don't focus on the food alone; cooking implements make unique gifts as well. Grilling baskets offer an easy way to cook smaller pieces of food while items like bamboo skewers offer fun grilling tools for vegetables. These options are also easy to clean and store.

    For Mom

    Give her something that inspires holiday memories throughout the year. Vases are traditional holiday gifts under $15 that come in both clear and colored materials. Add fresh flowers that she loves or seasonal plants associated with the holidays. For an unconventional choice, milk bottles can make interesting and unique gifts for your mom, and this specific style delivers a statement in every room of the home.

    For Dad

    Think about presents he can use, no matter which season it is. Fun, traditional, contemporary, and decorative mugs are as unique as your dad. Wall art is something he can use in his favorite room. Choose stylish pieces or designs that mean something to him. When deciding on gifts by price, consider signs with retro appearances. Most recreate favorite logos from the past, while others you can personalize with unique messages just for dad.

    For the Grandparents

    Coffee and tea make delicious holiday gifts under $15 that your grandparents will enjoy. You can package together traditional gifts by recipient, like these choices for your grandparents, or give them separately. Gift boxes offer samples that help them find their favorite flavors. For the season, specialty coffee brew gift sets with pumpkin or cinnamon highlight family holiday memories. Most coffees are available pre-ground for quick serving options, and both loose and bagged teas offer choices with strong flavors.

    Decorative Mason jars become items they'll use throughout the year. Your kids can add cute hand-decorated accouterments to these picks or give them with other items placed inside. The range of materials and styles makes it easy to find a match for every theme. Barware is another fun choice for cool gifts under $15. Look for bottle stoppers or glass charms that are just what they want.

    For the Kids

    Many holiday presents revolve around children, so find unique, specialty items tailored to what they enjoy. Cookie jars just for their goodies are fun choices. These come in a range of styles that cover everything from simple gifts to charming selections. Let character shapes connect your kids to their favorite films, TV series, or books. For an added treat, fill the jars with their favorite cookies or other delicacies for the best gifts under $15. If you want your children to enjoy healthy snacks, mix up the items inside with fresh fruits.

    Art supplies help the young craftsperson in your family create unique additions to seasonal decorations. They're also perfect for those rainy weekends at home. Combine markers, pencils, and paper or focus on a specific medium. Introduce some specialty paper or stationery to the set. If they love to decorate, special sets give them the chance to paint or draw on specific dinnerware or tea set pieces.

    For the Whole Family

    Game sets are a fun way to keep the whole family entertained during the holidays and other annual gatherings. While some choices like bag toss or chess are your go-to classics, you can also get unique items. Handheld puzzles are perfect for family members of all ages. Time them to see who finishes first or let them play alone to pass time.

    Create indoor gardens as outside-the-box gifts for the family. Full sets feature everything your family needs to grow small indoor plants like herbs. Some sets even give you pots or cups to nurture these items. While most sets come with seeds, others may come without seeds to give you more personalization over what you plant or grow.

    It's easy to keep all your family members happy with holiday gifts under $15. When it comes to searching for the right picks, be sure to keep in mind who you're buying for, whether it's mom or dad or the grandparents. Check out the vast selection of cool gifts available for everyone in your family.