Holiday Craft Gifts That Come From the Heart 

So much of the holiday season focuses on giving expensive or coveted gifts that can make shopping a hectic experience, which makes holiday craft gifts perfect alternatives. Even though online shopping is popular, you also want to offer something of quality that comes from your heart to make a difference. Reduce your budget by finding craft items that show how much you care.

Find unconventional materials to create presents of your own. Everyone appreciates something made from the heart, since it shows that you spent the time to make it. Unique arts and crafts allow you to express your love for a friend, or they let that friend indulge in their creative side. Use a few of these craft gift ideas to celebrate the season.

Create an Advent Calendar 

An Advent calendar is practically a staple of the holiday season, allowing people to enjoy a treat as they countdown the days until Christmas. Most of the time, you place a special order for a unique calendar, but it’s easy to make your own as an early gift for loved ones or in your own home. First, you need to get all the supplies to make this homemade present.

To create the calendar, you need to start with the main structure for holding the small treats for each day, like muffin tins or small boxes. Use wrapping paper or construction paper to conceal the opening of each space. Choose a treat that goes in each space to complete it. If you use a strong structure for the storage spaces, your recipient has the chance to use this holiday craft gift next year to keep up the tradition.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments 

All you need to make ornaments is to browse through our crafts section. The unique aspect of these craft gifts is that they are easy to make in bulk without many supplies. There are few classic styles that come together easily, like pinecones dusted with glitter or small clementine oranges with cloves. However, the possibilities are endless with simple Styrofoam pieces, a hot glue gun, and colorful glitter or ribbons. Let your creativity flow. 

When you make Christmas tree ornaments, you give holiday craft gifts that the recipients take out year after year. Each time your loved ones see them, they remember how much time and effort it took for you to create these cool craft gifts, which makes them even more special. Though you may live far away, this individualized touch makes you feel close.

Create a Gift Basket 

If you want to give your loved ones gifts of luxury or indulgence, most holiday displays offer gift sets and baskets. For something with more customization, take the time to make your own holiday craft gifts by considering their interests. Start by picking themes with different treats and trinkets you know everyone will enjoy.

Once you know the theme, look for different presents that meet the theme. Some common ideas include candy, bath products, or even types of toys. Gather all the pieces together, and choose a basket big enough to fit everything. Use a small blanket or tissue paper as the base, and then arrange the items in a display that shows all of them at once. The personal touch and consideration behind a basket arrangement show you care with this easy craft gift.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper 

Wrapping paper can get spendy, and the texture of some brands easily rips while wrapping or transporting packages. Even if you buy a craft gift, you can still show that you care by finding a unique and thoughtful way to wrap it. Choose from multiple materials to get the strength and colors that show off the package.

When you make your own wrapping paper, you need a sturdy base material, like a repurposed box, a thick map, or even fabric. While you most likely have these supplies at home, a quick look through our arts and crafts area lets you choose an ideal color to decorate the present. Rather than using tape, secure the wrapping in place with yarn or ribbon. If you feel especially artsy, one unique craft gift idea involves using the ribbon in a homemade weave to cover the entire gift. However, this type of wrapping is best for items that already come in boxes.

Purchase Handmade Gifts 

As simple as these DIY options are, some people have a difficult time creating any gift by hand. Luckily, there are many handcrafted, artisan gifts available for you to choose. Handmade presents offer the rarity and personal touch that you want to express to your family and friends, without having to get your hands "dirty."

Some of the best craft gifts by professionals include art pieces, like paintings and statues. If these options are too embellished for the person you are buying for, seek out handcrafted blankets and pillows instead. No matter your skill level, you still have an opportunity to give unique holiday craft gifts.

Homemade gifts are a unique way to give something from the heart especially on a budget, even if you find something available that someone else made. As last-minute gift ideas, seek out easy craft gifts that have all the necessary supplies in kits. No matter what you give to your loved ones, taking the time to make a holiday craft gift on your own always shows how much you care.