Helpful Hand Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft

Whether your everyday routine involves scrubbing plates and pottery or tapping away at a keyboard (or both), it's important to take care of your hands with helpful hand care tips. These ideas will help ensure that your skin care routine goes beyond your face and body to pamper one of the most hard-working parts of your body.

Gently Cleansing Your Hands With Hand Soaps

Look for gentle hand soaps that cleanse without stripping away your skin's natural barrier. It's helpful to focus on hydrating and nourishing ingredients that take care of your hands. We share your concern for health and the environment, so we prefer naturally derived ingredients from sources such as plants, fruits and herbs. You can also try therapeutic soaps, whether they're in bar or pump-bottle form. Opt for aromatherapy hand skin care to complement a soothing spa and relaxation experience. These come in many natural scents, such as relaxing lavender and chamomile. We love clean-smelling soaps with extra cleansing power, such as tea tree oil, for instance, which offers many skin care benefits like soothing dry skin. Herbs such as rosemary offer similarly fresh-smelling scents for a naturally clean feeling that makes your hand skin care feel even more indulgent.

Upgrading to Soft Towels

Even though it's an often overlooked piece of advice in the world of hand care tips, we believe in the fact that refreshing your space with soft linens can make a significant difference in your handwashing routine. Fluffy fabrics pamper us and swaddle our hands in ultimate comfort. Specifically, opt for highly absorbent materials so you can gently pat rather than vigorously rub your hands to dry them off. When forming your hand skin care approach, remember that reducing friction on your skin prevents irritation and signs of aging. Your beauty routine goes beyond just hand care tips with gentle laundry habits such as limiting your loads to a medium size, so you can maintain the towels' fluffy construction to treat your hands well.

Polishing and Perfecting Your Skin

Most exfoliators are all-over body scrubs, and it's important to note that you can and should use these products on your hands, too. We enjoy the benefits of natural scrubs, many of which use sugar or salt as a gentle and environmentally friendly way to say bye-bye to dead skin, dirt and anything else you may have encountered throughout the day. We agree that using detoxifying charcoal is another helpful hand care tip if you want to remove the impurities from your skin, or you can invigorate it with caffeine-infused coffee scrubs.

Customize your experience by choosing natural scents such as decadent coconut, vanilla and sweet grapefruit. Exfoliation is crucial in your skin care approach because even if you use the most nourishing washes and lotions, you need to remove the layer of dead skin so these products can most effectively moisturize your hands. Speaking of lotions, here's another hand care tip: We like to follow up a scrub with a cream or lotion to lock in that smooth skin.

Nourishing With Hand Lotions or Creams

Moisturizing with lotion is one of the most important hand care tips to include in your routine, whether you're out and about all day or slathering on some lotion after you shower. If you're all about efficiency and saving space, we think it's a smart idea to buy dual-purpose body and hand lotion. To cater to extra parched skin, especially in the winter or if you have eczema or any other dry skin condition, try adding a dedicated hand lotion or cream to your hand skin care routine. Hand creams tend to be even richer and more luxurious than multipurpose body lotions. Creams with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter ensure you stay properly hydrated.

Look for bottles with pumps or tubes for the most sanitary and streamlined dispensing. Beyond stocking your home with these hand care sets and creams, we think that one of the best hand care tips is to carry around a travel-sized version in your purse, laptop or bag. Whether you need a bit of moisture while at the office or you want to replenish your skin while traveling, we agree that a hand cream is one of the most important beauty products to keep within reach.

Protecting Your Hands From the Elements

Expand your hand skin care ideas and look for accessories that'll help maintain all your hard work to keep your hands healthy. Particularly during colder months, we believe an important hand care tip is to guard your hands against the harsh wind and chilly air with mittens or gloves. Make sure that they offer a thick yet breathable knit for maximum protection. If you're the kind of person who loves both mittens and gloves, opt for a convertible option, or if you like using your devices, try a touch-compatible pair so that you can still tap and swipe away while bundling up your hard-working hands.

Beyond cold-weather accessories, we offer cleaning gloves as an ideal hand skin care idea. They usually come in rubbery, waterproof materials so you can use them while washing dishes, gardening and doing other chores. This step is important whenever you're doing housework because vigorous cleaning and the harsh chemicals in your detergent and cleaning solutions might irritate your hands. Another useful hand care tip is to put on a nourishing cream before bed. Then, cover them with gloves. This way, your skin can absorb all the moisture while you snooze, and you won't risk any clogged pores from touching your face with a rich hand cream.

Many ways exist to keep your skin looking and feeling good, from using gentle and nourishing hand soaps, lotions and hand care kits to unexpected hand care tips, such as ensuring your bathroom linens are soft on your skin and wearing gloves in harsh cold and winds. We offer convenient hand care sets of soaps and lotions, which are not only helpful to have at home, but are also useful as gifts for others. With this updated hand skin care routine, you'll have soft, supple skin in no time.