Foolproof Groomsmen Gift Ideas

As your special day approaches, it's time to get creative with groomsmen gift ideas. The wedding participants on your side take on many challenging duties, so getting them tokens of appreciation for their work is the least you can do. These people help ensure the wedding day goes as planned and help with pre-wedding festivities. They do all of this so you can enjoy your day of nuptials without any distractions.

You can give the presents as early as with their invitations, however, it is more traditional to hand them out at the bachelor party or during the rehearsal dinner. For some, it's ideal to bestow these gifts on the wedding day, especially if they are items used on your big day. If you are trying to figure out "what are groomsmen gifts;" they can be anything that shows your appreciation. They tend to be quite personal and are a symbol of your relationship with your buddies or family members. If you feel stumped on what to get, here are some unique and creative ideas to consider. Choose the best ones based on each person's interests.

For Foodies and Chefs

Food incentives go a long way. If your groomsmen are foodies or love to cook, then choose food-related presents. Gourmet food boxes or baskets, kitchen appliances and utensils, and DIY kits make ideal groomsmen gifts.

Bring a global perspective to the table with different cultural food items. Themed gift boxes filled with snacks from other countries make creative groomsmen gifts since many of these items are usually hard to find elsewhere. Gourmet baskets are the perfect alternatives and a popular gift for a groomsman. Almost everyone loves unique chocolates, cheeses, and meats.

DIY kits are ideal choices if your friends and family members are experts in the kitchen. Find kits that contain almost all necessary ingredients. For example, ricotta cheese-making kits often only require fresh milk. Kitchen accessories are also practical and suitable for those who are culinary artists.

For Beer and Alcohol Enthusiasts

If you often grab drinks with your buddies or enjoy cocktails at home with them, then choose liquor items as your groomsmen gifts. There are plenty of options for beer and liquor enthusiasts.

Different types of beers make unique groomsmen gifts, especially ones that are not readily available locally. DIY liquor infusion kits are also good options. Your recipients can infuse various liquors, like rum and vodka, and some the kits come with vintage-inspired glass flasks; something they can use anytime. A sake making kit is a fun choice.

Flasks, shakers, and bottle openers are also functional choices. For example, give your wedding participants wall-mounted bottle openers that double as decorations. Searching for gifts by occasion lets you find beer, whiskey, or wine glasses to add to the packages and etch them with personalized messages to create memories that last.

For Travelers

Presents with a travel theme make for unique groomsmen gifts, especially for those with wanderlust. Create a sense of nostalgia with items from places you've traveled to together. If you're planning a destination wedding, use groomsmen gifts as an interesting way of revealing the location. For example, if the wedding will be in Russia, get them ushankas, or fur hats inspired by the Russian culture, which can keep the guys warm each winter. Practical travel-related options go a long way, too. Tote bags, duffel bags, travel bottles, and travel mugs keep them organized and comfortable on the road. 

For Plant Lovers and Campers

Surprise nature lovers with gifts that grow. Honor flourishing friendships with succulents. These groomsmen gifts are ideal for those who appreciate some extra greenery in their homes or offices. Choosing succulents gives them something that is fairly easy to care for, yet they will always have the plants. Camping equipment is perfect the gift-giving idea for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Coolers, backpacks, and even portable fire pits come in handy for future trips with the boys. 

For Artists

Appeal to the creative side of your family and friends with pieces of art that are just as ideal as wedding gifts as they are groomsmen presents. Look for paintings and murals that will add to the decor their homes or office spaces. Canvases, wall paintings, and painted ceramic statues are sources of inspiration that also say "thank you" to your friends and family members. Artistic groomsmen gifts can also embrace more functional elements, such as painting supplies that include brushes, paint, easels, and canvases. Let them "choose" the creation.

For Businessmen

Look at practical items that will make their lives easier in the office. Small, but useful items go a long way. Hand-carved wood tablet stands transform devices into display screens. Unique pens and fun desk accents like paperweights are presents they can keep at work and that will see quite a bit of use and at the same time offer reminders of your big day. Personalize these gifts to add a sentimental touch. Engrave messages on pens or stitch short memos on the fabric of backpacks or briefcases, and keep wonderful memories of your nuptials alive.

Unique groomsmen gifts are more than just a reminder of your special day—they also represent friendship. It may be wise to choose a single type of present for all of the guys, and to do this, consider the collective interests of the group. However, choosing unique items for each person makes everyone feel that much more special. Consider going a step further by choosing monogrammed gifts, which are some of the most personal gifts. Whatever you decide, find groomsmen gifts that the guys can treasure for years to come.