6 Fun Gourmet Gift Ideas for Foodies 

No matter what the occasion, it's a great time to reward the foodie in your life with new culinary equipment. Gifts tailored to food fans cover everything from their favorite flavors to must-have accessories for dedicated cooks. Find something to inspire the gourmet in your life from among these fun ideas. 

1. Coffee Gifts 

Brew up gourmet gift ideas from around the world, ranging from strong, dark blends to light, smooth flavors. Gift boxes with a variety of small grounds or full bean blends give your foodie a broad range of tastes to savor. Add a coffee grinder to whole bean sets so the receiver has everything necessary to start brewing right away.

Every foodie has a favorite way to make a cup of coffee, and each coffee maker offers its own benefits ­— including differing prep times — that make it a unique gourmet gift idea.

Electric Coffee Makers

Electric brewers are the most popular type of coffee maker; just add water, a filter, and grounds to get going. Some machines have special features such as timers that give you control over when brewing begins.

French Presses

A French press uses your own power to create a cup of coffee. The filter integrates with a plunger system that, when pushed down, slowly filters the grounds. These gourmet gifts are popular around the world thanks to their easy-to-use design.

Drip Brew

Drip brew pots need no electricity or supervision to make your next cup of coffee. A cylinder sits at the top of the pot and uses a natural force to push hot water through grounds. They are among the best gourmet gifts for campers.


If you're looking for something a bit more traditional, stovetop pots make it easy for you and the foodie in your life to prepare delicious cups of coffee. After the stovetop pot hits the right heat, it gets to work heating water and grounds.

2. Sauces 

Sauces come in a variety of bottle shapes and sizes that you can place together in creative gift boxes or crates. For a different take, sauce gift boxes and baskets highlight specific themes or taste sensations that are as unique as your foodie. Tomato sauce is a broad ingredient that exists in more than just Italian recipes. Exciting recipes are taking sauces to new levels by adding surprising flavors or unique ingredients. Feel free to mix and match gift baskets to create distinctive tastes. Hot sauces are always a favorite among food enthusiasts searching for gourmet gift ideas. Gift boxes introduce new recipes and classic favorites that dress up every dish. For a dash of heat, look for sets that feature the hottest selections. Grill up a tasty main entree with BBQ flavors. Whether smoked, sweet or even hot, these sauces dress up any meal and are even good as dipping sauces. When your meal is over, save room for one more entree with dessert sauces that make the best gourmet gifts. Caramel and chocolate are favorites that are useful for a wide array of foods. 

3. Recipe Books and Stands 

Every foodie is on the lookout for exciting new recipes. Recipe books bring the world to the kitchen with time-tested choices and creative new dishes. When you're searching for the best gourmet gifts featuring books, a stand can be a helpful add-on. Whether wood or metal, stands are easy to clean and act as ideal presentations. Most can also hold tablets, e-readers, and similar electronic devices. 

4. Regional Food Gift Baskets 

If your foodie also loves to travel, consider regional food gift baskets. Tailored to specific regions, the best gourmet gift sets highlight items produced in specific areas. They introduce region-specific products to foodies, or help them relive specific memories. Whether you're searching for something from Europe, Asia, or America, these unique gourmet gifts deliver with exciting presentations and keepsake-quality gift baskets. 

5. Teas 

Foodies with a love for hot teas can make the most out of specialty tea gift samplers. While some gourmet gift ideas focus on the top tea-makers throughout the world, others focus on flavors or unique tastes found only in selected parts of the world. For a touch of English hospitality, the best gourmet gifts feature a teapot, cups, and even the tea blends most associated with the afternoon tradition. Some pots and cups even include hand-painted designs or patterns. 

6. Kitchen Gear 

Every cook knows you need the right tools to create great dishes. Utensil sets are great gourmet holiday gift ideas for foodies just setting up their new kitchen. They also make a great addition to a chef's growing set of tools. Everyday gourmet gifts can be as simple as a pair of tongs or as extravagant as a full set of cooking essentials. Matching canisters make some of the best gourmet gifts, bringing a touch of style and making a great hiding place for cookies and candies. When it comes to outdoor cooking, grilling tool sets cover everything the foodie needs to cook up the best recipes. Most outdoor cooking items feature metals that are easy to wash and store.

Foodies love gift sets tailored to individual tastes. From the kitchen to the grill, these choices deliver exciting flavors and fun cooking options that inspire new recipes. Look for gifts that introduce everyone in your life to a world of cuisine.