For the Traveler at Home: A Global Gift Guide

Whether for the holiday season, a birthday, or even a hostess gift, you may be searching for unique global gift ideas to give to friends, family, and colleagues. Perhaps your foodie colleague went to a university in Paris and you want to give her something that embodies the taste of France in one delightful package. For your brother, the world traveler, there’s a large variety of global gifts to help him plan his next adventure. Global home decor is the perfect choice for your cousin who follows all the European home bloggers. And for your aunt who loves animal prints, we also have global gift ideas for the fashionista. Find global gifts for your entire social sphere.

Gifts for the Global Foodie

One of the first things people remember about their travels is the food, and it’s one of the easiest ways to curate a global gift. Think about it– when you travel somewhere, you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in that locale, and you create memories from those experiences. For your foodie friend, global gifts are a great way to give a taste of a far-flung location.

Beverages are a popular global gift. Most countries, states, and even cities have their own regional choices. Wine is a pretty typical pick, but think beer, tea, or even local sodas. Most areas of the world are developing and brewing up their own specialties, so the options are limitless. Snacks are often regional as well and they offer a lot of variety. 

Often, you find boxed mixes or recipe books of popular global delicacies that you can share as well. A multitude of scone mixes exist to bring high tea straight into your living room. Or use a kit designed to make whipping up a paella super simple, and then pair it with a delightful Vinho Verde to complete the ultimate Spanish experience as a global gift idea.

When shopping for global gifts for the foodie, also take into account a particular region’s specialties. For example, Alaska is world famous for smoked salmon. A simple, high-end package of Alaskan smoked salmon makes a phenomenal global gift idea. Likewise, coffee from Kona and chocolate from Belgium are excellent regional specialties that are sure to be a hit.

And when you can't decide which direction to go, a global gift collection gift basket is a wonderful way to tie everything together into one neat package.

Gifts for the World Traveler

Do you have that one friend who is constantly either jetting across the world or planning the next trip? Global gift ideas for the world traveler offer opportunities to plan or remember trips, and provide your adventurer with the chance to dream until that next escape from the real world.

A journal is the perfect global gift for travelers, allowing them to either memorialize a recent trip or start identifying their next adventure. A wide variety of travel-based journals exist, from plain-ruled pages with location-specific covers to specific trip-planning notebooks.

If your friend has taken a recent trip, think about finding a global gift to commemorate it. A gift set of tea towels from London or a mug featuring the Eiffel Tower are fun treasures to help keep the memories alive. You can also find some photo frames to help display their experiences. Options span from classic, simple frames to kitschy ones with travel-focused themes.

Global Gifts for the Home Decor Enthusiast

One of the best parts of traveling is taking in the sights, sounds, and especially the decor of the region. Use a loved one’s recent trip to inspire home decor purchases, from dinnerware to furniture, for that friend who is constantly updating their home to match current trends.

Kitchen towels or napkins printed with local landmarks make an exciting statement and are perfect for your friend who enjoys fun textiles. Additionally, you could source linens made in a unique fabric from a distant locale. To tie into the kitchen theme, mismatched pottery or china serving sets are all the rage. Putting together thoughtfully selected pieces with a global flair makes for an excellent housewarming present.

Incense has a wide variety of uses throughout different cultures and regions and many use it in homes and dwellings for meditation, spiritual reasons, and sometimes just simply as a home air freshener. For the recipient who isn’t sensitive to smells, it can be a nice global gift idea to promote relaxation and relieve everyday stress.

A fun way to bring a bit of global flair into the home is to identify and adopt regional trends. Think streamlined sofas from Norway with lush, colorful fabrics from Morocco, but paired with rustic, metal accents from India. Make sure you are familiar with the gift recipient’s decor taste, however, before making a large purchase.

Gifts for a Global Fashionista

For the family member who is always wearing the hottest trend, global clothing options make a unique present. Clothing is the first fashion item we often think of. Draped ponchos or scarves offer a supremely cosmopolitan look, especially when selected in lush fabrics. Meanwhile, unique textures or prints may offer a global appeal.

Most of us consider jewelry as a special gift, but for the right person, a global gift collection offers lots of opportunities. Look for jewelry from a global location; not only is it supremely unique, but you’ll also be able to offer a bit of international flair. If the recipient is interested in charm jewelry, consider a charm that commemorates a trip or life experience to a faraway place.

Accessories offer a more understated way to use global fashion. Hats, scarves, or belts made in another country may offer exclusive materials or colors. You can also find scarves or other accessories that emulate global styles, which offer a different fashion statement for your boldest friend.

When shopping for global gifts for friends, neighbors, and coworkers, you need to think about the type of person you’re buying the present for. Is your friend a foodie, a traveler, a home decor enthusiast, or a fashionista? Focusing on gifts by occasion can be a helpful way to target the perfect present, as well. Once you identify your target, selecting a unique and thoughtful global gift is simple when you've picked up some great global gift ideas.