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Draw Two: Gifts for Board Game Lovers

When you find the right group of people, you want to bring something fun to the table, like a gift for board game lovers. While there are plenty of ways to enjoy the company of friends and family, a board game breaks the ice in a way that other activities can’t. It allows you to bring together an entire group of people with different opinions and hobbies, but the same competitive spirit. 

With a board game lover in mind, seek out ways to encourage this love with gifts that express your support or mutual appreciation for a good time. When you choose the right board game gifts, you may even get an invite to help break it in. Here are a few ways that you can’t go wrong with a board game gift idea.

Classic Board Games

When you want to find the best board game gifts, a classic option is ideal. Most allow anywhere from two to eight players, depending on the pieces, so everyone gets a turn to win. These types of board game gifts keep a balanced level of healthy competition, which is essential for any group activity. When you play with a larger group, change up the rules to allow for first, second, and third places to keep people engaged.

There are plenty of classic board game gifts that everyone enjoys like Mancala or Chutes and Ladders. For something a little different, seek out versions of these that play to your interests, or variations that everyone can enjoy. These simple activities make the perfect gifts for kids, while giving time to bond with family. Find several options to add a little more variety and appeal to more people.

Fingerboard Games

If you want to get a gift for board game lovers that lets them indulge in their interests away from home, fingerboard games are incredibly convenient. There are many different types of handheld and fingerboard options available, which makes it easy to stay entertained on the go. Since these board game gifts are small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse, the recipient can keep them nearby to stay occupied at casual restaurants or while waiting for a flight. With the simple and versatile style of these board game gifts, there’s no need to be bored while away from home.

Most of these activities are only for a single player, though you can engage other people in the subsequent rounds of each one. Some of the most popular board game gifts with this style include football and soccer, though there are others that equally entertain. Find a smaller version of the activities that the recipient enjoys, or collect all the different options for a complete selection whenever you travel.

Desk Games

Every office space has downtime, which is especially true in a home office, so a board game gift for the desk is an effortless way to keep the mind engaged. Find activities that don’t take up much space, but still offer an entertainment factor. Fingerboard games are useful, though there are some that need more space to play.

Look for miniature versions of the toys and games that people love, like a bean bag toss, that helps keep up hand-eye coordination between work tasks. Take turns with someone, or play solo. Even if you play alone, you can challenge yourself to beat your own records.

Improve Their Experience

If your game-loving friend already has all the different activities you think of, help them invest in their hobby with other presents. Find stylish boxes and containers to help them store the small pieces of their board game gifts, or choose placemats for a clean surface to play on. If you know that they need replacement pieces, find a new copy of it so they can still play.

Get a Group Together

Even with all your favorite games, there’s no point without a group of people to play them. Invite a group of your most passionate and competitive friends for a night of twists, turns, and exciting play. Keep each area of the room moving with different board game gifts at each table, taking turns so that everyone gets the chance to engage with each other. To make it a fun night for everyone, find a few appetizers and drinks to share, before sending guests off with gift sets to help them remember the fun.

When you get everyone together for a night of fun, board game gifts are the best way to keep wholesome entertainment going all night long. These entertaining activities can involve as many people as you want, whether you want to play alone or with a crowd. If you want to find the best gift for board game lovers, then take the time to find out their favorite activities and take your gift to the next level.