Wrap It Up: Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas for Wrapping Enthusiasts 

When you give a present to someone you care about, explore different gift wrapping ideas that show you care as much about the packaging as you do about the object inside. If you have a section in your closet or several drawers dedicated to gift wrap, ribbons, bows, and accessories, then you're going to enjoy learning these gift wrapping tips.

Once you have the perfect gifts, consider the person or people receiving them. Choose a color or pattern that you know your friend or family member loves. Alternatively, you can decide on something that makes a statement about you, the gift giver. Also, take into consideration the occasion, as you wouldn't want to cover a wedding present in paper meant for a young birthday boy or girl.

Even if you aren't sure where to start when it comes to gift wrapping options or trends, you know that original ideas can make any present more special. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer who gets creative with tea-stained newspaper to use as wrapping for a book lover, or you simply buy a bag and stuff it with tissue paper, there are plenty of gift wrapping techniques that work for you and the amount of effort you want to put in.

Create Your Own Gift Basket

Before you decide to toss a couple treasures into a bag, consider whether it would be better to use a bag, basket, or gift wrapping.

Gift Type Basket Bag Gift Wrap
Food items X
Lots of little gifts X
Irregularly shaped item X X
Small boxed present X X
Medium boxed gift X X
Large boxed present X

Choosing the Right Wrapping Paper

Once you start shopping for decorative paper and gift wrap, you'll see there are plenty of choices. From solid colors to intricate designs and patterns, find just about anything you want. Look for special occasion selections, such as wedding paper, which is usually white or ivory with gold or silver accents. If you want to get more use out of a roll of wedding gift wrapping paper, use it for holiday presents as well. Think primary colors for children, and for adult birthdays, you can use almost any type and get as creative as possible while putting together something you know will make the person happy.

Remember, this is also an expression of you. Sure, the gift is for someone else, but you're the one giving it. If you love rustic decorations, add a tag or accessory that gives a little nod to that side of you; a hint that lets the recipient know who it's from.

Gift Bags: Elegant and Effortless

If wrapping gifts just isn't your thing, that's OK; you have so many other gift wrapping options to choose from. A bag is an easy way to present something pretty and to make the package special. The key is in finding a unique bag and tissue paper that matches it. Check out collections of gift wrap and stationery for a bag you want or you know your friend will enjoy. Make sure the bag is big enough for the item, and then search for complementary tissue paper. An important gift wrapping tip is to get more tissue paper than you think is necessary. You may need to fill space, and it adds drama to the final presentation. If you're feeling especially creative, personalize the package by adding accessories, such as stickers, ornaments, or fun gift tags.

Turn Anything Into Gift Wrap

One of the best gift wrapping ideas is to use materials not specifically made for wrapping purposes, which makes any present look totally unique. Newspaper and brown post paper are popular choices, but also check out our stationery gifts for more ideas. In addition to using stationery paper for wrapping, choose fun pencils, magnets, or erasers that you can tie to the bows, which may complement your friend or family members' likes, career paths, or personalities.

Specialty paper can also make the latest gift wrapping trends easier than ever. Mixing materials and layering different styles of wrapping paper add interest and depth to your package. Envelop a present with patterned paper, and then add a strip of fabric, wide ribbon, or stationery over one-third of the package. Top it off with a bow and a unique tag for a present the recipient won't soon forget.

You can be as creative as you like with gift wrapping paper, accessories, and finishing touches with these tips, or keep it simple with gift bags or baskets. However you decide to present gifts, the recipients will appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort. Explore all our gift wrapping options, and let each package be as unique as the person getting it.