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The Missing Piece: Gift Ideas for Puzzle Lovers

There are a great many gift ideas for puzzle lovers to choose from as the perfect presents to give. The fun pastime games come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is something for everyone. With such a wide range of models, you can pick out something unique for any gift-giving occasion. Ideal for stocking stuffers or anytime presents, the smaller puzzles fit into backpacks, pockets, or purses. Your friends and family can enjoy the larger ones just as much, since many fold down into travel-sized companions. For the young and old, games and puzzles make unique gifts.

Picture Puzzles

One of the most recognizable puzzle types is picture versions. These come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from very simple with just a few sections to extremely complex with thousands of pieces to put together. The pictures may be cartoon characters for children or expansive city skylines for adults.

Children’s puzzles tend to have larger pieces made of a thicker, sturdier material. This allows them to hold up to frequent use by young hands, and the larger pieces make them a bit easier for children who have less dexterity. Not only do kids have fun with these puzzles gifts, but they are also educational. Many designs help them learn their ABCs or counting skills. Constantly looking at the pieces and then back at the overall picture encourages hand-eye coordination. Young children will start to see which two parts go together to form a shape or animal. The picture themes are specifically for kids, so they may see their favorite superhero when each piece comes together, or perhaps the princess they hope to grow up to be. When looking for gift ideas for young puzzle lovers, you will find other child-friendly images, too, such as animals, familiar shapes, and zoo locations.

Adults love puzzles just as much as kids, making these toys the best gifts for them, too. Many find working on one with several hundred or even a thousand pieces very relaxing. Often, it can turn into a group project, if there is more than one puzzle lover in the house. A nice thing about these pastime projects is that you don’t need to complete them in one sitting. You can easily set one aside and then work on it whenever you have free time.

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are also popular gifts for puzzle lovers. They present challenges similar to picture versions, and a lot of them are portable, allowing you to work on them virtually anywhere. They come in various forms such as handheld trinkets or activity books.

When shopping for gifts for kids, handheld metal puzzles make excellent and unique puzzle gifts. The goal is to figure out how to get the two pieces apart. These puzzle gifts are easy to store and ideal for traveling because they vary in size. Fun for all ages, they usually come in a variety pack so everyone in your family can work together on one as a group or individually.

Activity books are both educational and entertaining for kids of all ages and make thoughtful puzzle gift ideas. Flashcards assist with learning numbers, letters, or different animals. Some books have memory games that educate about matching similar symbols or objects. The themes also provide fun and education at the same time. Another enjoyable activity book is one where you search and find items on a page. It can be a healthy game between friends or siblings or as a solo game.

Teens and adults take pleasure in brain teasers just as much as their younger counterparts, making these perfect gift ideas for puzzle lovers. Similar to handheld puzzles for children, there are more advanced ones available for the puzzle lovers who want a unique challenge. They range in size but are easy to store and suitable if you are on the go and want to tinker with it during your downtime. There are also activity books available for teens and adults. Test your IQ with various questions or ask your family, friends, or colleagues if they know the answer. Great for everything from parties to picnics, these books are lightweight and easy to put in a purse or bag.


Another form of a puzzle and a thoughtful gift idea is a board game that requires logic or critical thinking skills. Others, for young people, help with counting and promote healthy competition when more than one player is necessary.

Just like picture puzzles and brain teasers, toys and games with puzzle themes are fitting gift ideas to give children. Some have multiplayer options and others work well with only a single player. Magnetic travel games help with counting and include interesting themes like race car tracks or grand adventures. The pieces stay with the board, since they are magnetic, keeping everything in one place. Some even allow the board to fold up for simple storage or for take to parties or on road trips. Another option for the little puzzle lover in your life is a take-along game set. These have cling stickers that keep the parts in place and no pieces go missing. This is one of the best puzzle gifts, as it combines several games into one, such as memory, bingo, and tic-tac-toe.

Children, teens, and adults can all have a ball playing various magnetic games. These options are usually several games inside one portable container, which is ideal for puzzle lovers who often attend sleepovers, go on picnics, or take road trips. Some of the games include checkers, chess, and backgammon. Full-sized versions are also suited for kids of all ages. Some chess and checker sets come beautifully painted, and many offer the ability to fold down for convenient storage or travel.

Puzzles are fun and educational and loved by most everyone, making them perfect gift ideas for puzzle lovers in your life. Add one to a gift set to make the present that much more special and memorable. Whether you’re searching for gifts for a present exchange, something for the holidays, or a unique birthday treasure, you can find something for each puzzle lover on your list.