Special Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day

Throughout the years your mother has given her time, energy, and spirit to help you, so this year you want to find some gift ideas for Mom that are as special as she is. But where do you begin? To find the best gifts for Mother's Day to show her your love, take time to figure out which type of present she would like the most.

Think About It

Finding the right gift ideas for Mom involves thinking of her needs and interests. What hobbies or pastimes does she like? Maybe she is always looking for that little something to complete her outfit. Or she might enjoy preparing family favorites in the kitchen. Perhaps your mother is an outdoors person who likes getting dirty while planting in the garden. Whatever passions she pursues, use them as a guide to buying a gift for her.

Buying Fashion Accessories

If your mother enjoys being fashionable, then you can find some Mother's Day gifts that fit her style of clothing. Consider buying a gift for Mom from an assorted selection of accessories, such as scarves or handbags that could highlight her current wardrobe. To find a matching item, think of a neutral-colored outfit she often wears and pick shades that complement it. Bright hues often go well with black or white, while soft colors accompany tan shades. Next, select a design. Does your mom prefer internationally inspired patterns or pastel prints? Decide if she would like an everyday item like a red wallet with Indian patterns that could complete an ensemble with black slacks, or a stylish pastel dress-up scarf to throw around her neck to brighten a beige dress. Matching the right item to her style preferences makes the token of love even more special.

Buying Home Goods

Your mom may enjoy turning a house into a home through the wise use of a selection of home goods from our top picks for Mom. You can encourage her interior decorating desires by choosing a special must-have gift for Mom that accents her home's style. Choose a room of the house where she might want something new and figure out what object could bring character to the space. Perhaps a statuette on the end table could serve as an item of interest. Or maybe a picture or painting on the wall may add a touch of color and focus in the living room. Decide if she would like an item that serves a function. Picture frames display photos of the ones she loves while also adding to the overall personality of the room. For a large gift, a patterned chair could bring together the solid hues of the decor and create more space for visitors to sit, too.

Buying Kitchen and Food Items

The kitchen area contains a variety of gift ideas for Mom, from casual kitchenware to specialty foods. Choose whether she would like a new kitchen tool to prepare meals or a gift package of food items. If she is always looking for ways to manage more work in less time in the kitchen, new cookware could be the answer. You can present several tools and utensils in a clever gift basket for Mom. A silicone spatula and whisk let her mix a batch of pancakes in a new batter bowl. You both can enjoy a breakfast with jams, spreads, and wafers. Arrange all these items on a serving tray and top it off with a personalized Mother's Day card.

For a mother who enjoys the finer pleasures in food, an arrangement of prepared edible gifts is sure to please. A nice variety box of international teas and coffees is a pleasant idea to brighten her mornings. If she enjoys diverse flavors, an international sampler basket with an assortment of authentic goods from around the world is a tasty gift for Mom. You can select food gift baskets from many countries, such as Japan, France, England, and other nations from around the globe.

Buying Outdoor Gifts

In our outdoor section, you can find plenty of gift ideas for Mom who gardens. Make a special gift for Mom with a green thumb using your own hands to create a unique present, like a flower bulb mason jar gift for Mom that stores perennial bulbs over the winter. The jar looks attractive on the counter, too, thanks to your careful addition of rocks, dirt, and a topping of gentle green moss. Over the weeks leading up to spring, your mother can watch the bulb begin to blossom and the flowers come alive again. In our outdoor section, you can also find larger decorative vases that hold a host of flower bouquets. For someone in touch with nature, the novel present of an artistic terrarium in a tinted glass bowl or a hand-designed living wreath would make her smile.

Only you know your mother and can buy that special gift for her. Planning with thoughts toward her tastes and styles, plus inspiration from our unique collection of items gives you ideas for the best gifts for Mom.