Gift Card Trends: Buying for the Friend That Has Everything

Your friend likes to stay up on the latest styles, so you want to surprise them with some new gift card trends that pair physical presents with cards they can use for any item they choose. Show your thoughtfulness by giving an item you've selected yourself and letting your friend have fun filling in the rest of the gift. For someone who seems to have it all, the ability to pick out their own present offers satisfaction for you both.

Choose the Right Gift Card

Keep flexibility in mind when selecting from several gift card options or discount gift cards, since they come in various formats and denominations. Consider the event and your familiarity with your recipient when deciding on an amount. For a close relative who is an avid internet shopper, one of the best gift cards to buy is a generous e-card so they can shop to their heart's content.

For someone who performs a service for you particularly well, show your appreciation by throwing a gift card into a package with another item. For example, the delivery person who brings your weekly groceries would welcome a card with one of several thank-you gifts as a reward for a job well done. Since you may not know their preferred tastes, your helper can use the card to buy any item they want.

Gift cards are always welcome at parties and slip easily into any size envelope or purse, too. To make sure you're giving an age-appropriate gift, just place one in a greeting card with other birthday gifts so the special person can pick out whatever they like. When your loved one reaches an important milestone like a bar mitzvah or a graduation, you can use the convenience of gift cards, too. Instead of carrying around a present and trying to place it in the right spot, compose a heartfelt, handwritten letter and include the gift card.

Top Off Gift Sets

Get in on current gift card trends with combination presents by pairing them with gift sets. Your friend can use a card to top off prepared packages like boxed gift sets or baskets. For a friend who likes to relax in the tub after a long day's work, buy or create a spa basket filled with soap, scents, and skin treatments sure to provide many moments of relaxation. Your loved one may specific floral scents, too, and they can find their favorite peach rose petal soap or scented filled jar candle with the freedom a gift card provides.

A fine selection of flora and fauna is always an attractive present. Glass globe terrariums with earth, moss and other creative fillers show off plants in style. When you include a gift card, your recipient has the flexibility to enhance their ecosystem by adding in other rocks or changing the ground cover to another material like sand.

Some presents can inspire people to explore something new. Gifting a set of striped, vibrant place settings leaves the door open for your friend to seek out the coordinating details, such as solid cloth napkins or a full-length table runner. It's possible that your recipient may even choose unexpected gifts you had not considered, but that versatility is the beauty of gift cards.

Join Presents With Gift Card Collections

Create a gift card collection by providing one part of the present and letting the recipient complete it with a related item they select using your gift cards. This works well if you know an item they would enjoy but want to give them options. Your friend who throws fun cocktail parties will appreciate a wooden cheeseboard with serving knives for the cheese platter. To make the experience personal, give them some gift card options for a cheese-making kit they can use to prepare their own mozzarella or specialty cheese to serve on the cheeseboard, along with some excellent wine.

Another idea is to let your favorite couple enjoy a romantic dinner in with a packaged pasta meal set that includes authentic Italian noodles and tomato sauce they can make together. They can use your gift card to pair the purchase with their favorite wine or some crusty garlic bread. For a friend who enjoys a calming cup of tea, a matcha tea set hits the spot. They can make the tea and pour it into cups of their choice, such as world traveler mugs, all purchased thanks to your thoughtful gift card.

You can easily integrate new gift card trends into any occasion and adapt them to any recipient. A thoughtful pairing of a present you selected just for your friend, along with a gift card, allows you to enjoy the special event even more. You'll be pleased knowing you provided something that your friend can use along with a personal present they can choose on their own.