Unique Gift Bag Ideas for Your Child’s Party

It’s common for kids to get goodies as thank-you gifts when they attend a friend’s party, and it's your job to come up with unique gift bag ideas each year. Make the process easy, and remember that the best gift bags complement the overall theme or color scheme. Check out these fun ideas for your child's next celebration.

Make Your Own Gift Bags

Purchase a gift bag collection filled with solid-colored sacks to create simply themed thank-you presents for your guests. Use card stock cutouts, glitter, and embellishments to turn the plain bags into ones that encompass the theme of your child’s party. Fill each one with toys such as the World’s Smallest Etch A Sketch, a portable fingerboard soccer game or a light-up lollipop pen. More creative gift bag ideas include:

  • Glue googly eyes to black, orange, purple, or green gift bags to create monster-themed sacks for a Halloween get-together
  • Make Valentine’s Day party packs by covering pink, white, and red sacks with cutout hearts
  • Attach glittery snowflakes to light blue, white, or silver sacks to complement a winter or holiday theme
  • For a LEGO-themed gathering, buy gift bags and card stock in matching colors and make cutouts that resemble LEGOs to glue onto the sacks
  • Use Baskets to Make Party-Themed Gift Sets

    Use baskets instead of decorative gift bags to create themed goody baskets for the kids attending your child’s celebration. Gift bag sizes are limited, so using baskets lets you give bigger favors or a larger amount of goodies to your guests. Also, letting the children get a glimpse of the contents before giving to them creates excitement.

    Replacing more traditional goody sacks with small baskets works well for themed gatherings, especially if the children need to use the contents during the event. For example, if your daughter has a craft-themed birthday party, the baskets you create might include supplies needed to complete different projects throughout the day. For this purpose, place craft sets, such as paper punch ring sets, into the craft-themed baskets.

    Some unique items to include in your guests' baskets include glow-in-the-dark bracelets, glow sticks, small notebooks, pens, fun pencils, and travel games sets. Of course, treats and snacks are also a big hit with young people as gift sets. Consider choosing a variety of single-serving bags of chips, boxes of cookies, or sets that include food from various parts of the world for your guests to try.

    Create a Party Favor Bar

    Instead of pre-filling gift bags for the kids, create a favor bar. Set rows of baskets or bins on a table and fill them with a variety of goodies. Then, give each child an empty gift bag to fill with the goodies themselves from the favor bar. Some kids might want one of each item, while others may select a few to cherish. For example, create a display for a sleepover party that includes nail polish in a variety of colors, tiny compact mirrors, slippers, take-along games, and glitter touch bubble sets.

    Alternatively, include toys and games, such as rocket balloon sets, slime kits, small LEGO sets, toy cars, and spy glasses on a favor bar for another child's party. Some other items to consider include temporary tattoos, pencils, and character-themed water bottles.

    If you want to surprise the young guests, take a look at our gift wrap and stationery options to find fun, themed wrapping options and containers. Wrap the items from your display, so the kids don't know what the gifts contain until opened. When deciding whether or not to use wrapping with the items from your favor bar, consider size. Wrap larger selections, but keep smaller ones displayed in plain view to keep the process easy.

    Other Unique Gift Bag Ideas

    The key to creating amazing favors is to stick to your party theme. Other gift bag ideas include:

  • Fill plastic buckets with small gifts to thank those for attending a beach or summer-themed party
  • Use metal buckets as goody containers for your kid’s farm or animal-themed event
  • New Chinese takeout boxes make great choices for travel or around-the-world-themes
  • Place favors for your child’s movie-themed celebration into plastic popcorn containers
  • Make fake cupcakes out of socks and place them in empty cupcake boxes, ideal for cupcake or bakery-themed events
  • Plastic mason jar replicas make great goody bags for country themes

  • Get inventive with your gift bags. When you make them to complement your child's party theme or the color scheme for the event, it's easy to come up with ideas that will have all the attendees, and their parents, talking. Consider our large selection of gift bag choices to invoke fun and creative ideas that show kids just how much you appreciate them attending your child's celebration.