Make Your Toes Happy With Gentle Foot Care Products

Your feet help you take on the world in stride, but they're only as good as your foot care regimen. Great foot care products offer a soothing end to the day or a refreshing wake-up call before that next big event. We have some suggestions on how to turn everyday foot care into unforgettable spa-like experiences, no matter where you are.

Soak Away the Day's Troubles

Whether you're using warm or cold water, foot soaks can take the edge off aching feet. Pour these crystallized or powdered foot care products into a bowl, tub or even a specialty foot basin to make the most out of your experience. Their formulations quickly dissolve to surround your feet in soothing, residue-free water. Light oils encircle your feet to provide a touch of softness you might not otherwise be getting from your favorite foot care choices.

We love aromatherapy scents that make soaks an adventure. If you enjoy those early morning runs, energize yourself with fragrances such as jasmine, citrus and mint. If you're ready for some relaxation after a busy day, look no further than the calming, time-tested ingredients such as bergamot and lavender. Combine them with other beauty products that feature similar scents to enhance the mood and complete the spa experience.

Soften Your Rough Edges With Creams and Lotions

You keep your elbows and knees smooth with creams or lotions, so you may as well give your feet the same attention. Foot skin care products with the aim of moisturizing and hydrating can really make a difference, and there's no better start than foot creams. These foot care products typically feature extra-thick formulas that glide against the skin, and they're the perfect partner to other soaps and lotions. Use them liberally on the ankles and heels to take care of those rough spots. We like using these creams with socks overnight, a simple step that locks in moisture for the ultimate soothing sensation.

In our experience, the bottle doesn't have to say "foot cream" to give your feet a touch of hydration. Body lotions and skin care creams can also improve your routine. We think it should be about more than pleasant scents when choosing foot care products. Look for ingredients that highlight your concerns, such as cracked heels or dry spots around your toes. Some of the best options for rough feet include:

  • Shea butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Top Tools of the Foot Care Trade

    Tools should be in every foot care routine. They handle of everything from hard-to-reach rough spots on your heels to hidden areas under your toenails. All-in-one tools are a smart choice when you have limited space for a home spa. Look for designs that combine files, pumices, brushes and smoothing utensils. A range of popular configurations gives you more control over every aspect of specific foot care needs. We also know that large multi-purpose tools are not the only option for your regimen. Smaller cubed or circular tools focus on specific details without taking up more room. Of course, foot care kits combine several small tools into easy-to-carry pouches.

    You might not think you have the time for exfoliation, but we think we've found the solution to quick treatments. Mitts are go-to foot skin care options, whether you're in the shower or relaxing during a soak. Fabrics and materials such as sisal gently rub away dead skin. They're all about giving your feet a youthful glow that'll last for a few days. For a bit more exfoliation, look no further than terracotta or stone tools. Most of these items come with cords or rope that can turn them into bathroom decor when not in use. These standout foot care pieces are also useful choices when you want to introduce a spa and relaxation motif into your current decor.

    Massage Your Way to Healthier Feet

    Nothing takes the edge off a bad day like a good foot massage. Skip the masseuse and bring some relaxation to your home or office with stand-alone foot massagers. Leave the batteries behind because these manual foot care options work on sheer human power. Sweep your feet across the rollers and watch the implements work on those stressful pressure points. Most foot care rollers feature details such as rounded pegs or studs that gently rub soles, arches and toes. Wooden options not only give you a smooth movement, they're also attractive decorations wherever you store them.

    Massagers are handy choices when you're feeling stressed. Keep them in your desk and simply take them out for a quick pick-me-up. They also work well when you're waiting for the kids to finish practice, or you're taking in your favorite film from the comfort of your couch. We think they're a perfect follow-up to a bath or foot care treatment. To get the most out of your massage, ensure your feet are dry or toweled off before starting.

    There's no limit to how much you can put into your foot care regime. It's more than just fragrant scents and smooth formulas that keep you on your toes. Some of these choices ensure your feet stay healthy and ready for anything you can throw at them. Look for all the beauty and spa items you'll need to get back in step.