Level Up With These 5 Game Gift Ideas

Finding game gift ideas for someone in your life is simple. They make great presents for both children and adults—they are appropriate options for everyone from your parents and kids to coworkers and friends. Also, the wide selection available, such as board, desktop, card, and travel games, makes game gifts suitable choices for practically any occasion. Check out these game gift ideas to find a fun present that your recipient can enjoy for a long time.

1. Outdoor Games

Your gift recipient doesn't need to be a sports fan to delight in outdoor toys and games. These selections are ideal for your friends who enjoy entertaining outdoors or for kids who spend a lot of time outside during playtime. While more elaborate options are available, such as bean bag toss and croquet sets, also consider purchasing unique game gifts. Many children enjoy items such as bubbles, rocket balloons, kites, and stick streamers—all these are fun and practical gifts for kids who love being outside.

2. Games for Kids

When you’re searching for toys and games for the children in your life, it’s important to choose items that are age appropriate. Younger kids often relish in imaginary play, so some of the best game gifts for children are sets that let them dress up as different people or characters. If the child isn’t a fan of dress-up play, consider choosing a magnetic game set that allows them to arrange the magnets in the tin in a way that tells a story.

Children of all ages enjoy arts and craft projects and activities that are fun and educational. Look for toys that teach the kids in your life how to build something fun, complete a science experiment, or learn a new craft, such as knitting or latch hooking. Older children typically prefer something a bit more challenging, so opt for magnetic puzzles or tabletop games, such as basketball. When your gift recipient is a more active youngster, consider game gift ideas that are simple and require only short stretches of concentration, such as jacks, magic sets that teach them to do different tricks, or cards—most are fast paced or interesting enough to easily hold their attention.

3. Travel/Portable Games

When it comes to gift game ideas for your friends or family members who travel on a regular basis or you’re looking for presents for your children to keep them occupied during your next road trip, travel or portable games are ideal game gift options. Portable sports models that you play with your fingers, such as basketball, football, golf, and soccer, are suitable for single-person play or multiple players. Other portable game gift ideas for travel include handheld electronic, handheld retro arcade, and take-along board games, which are either cardboard or magnetic. Handheld puzzles are also thoughtful choices because they don’t have a lot of small pieces like the traditional versions. Look for popular ones that encourage the player to sort or line up the puzzle by shapes or colors.

4. Board Games

When searching for game gift ideas for families with young children or your friends who do a lot of entertaining at home, look for board games that they can enjoy among themselves and with larger groups of people. Also, when choosing game gifts for your friends or family members; remember to keep their interests in mind, and the age of your gift recipients. If you are unsure what type of board games are the most appropriate, opt for classic or retro choices. These are typically simple enough for both children and adults to play. Educational options work well for families who appreciate fun activities that encourage learning over the competition of winning. Puzzles are also suitable choices, especially for your gift recipients who prefer to do solo activities. When your list consists of school-age kids, opt for gifts that are more trendy or modern. Board games that allow them to build marble mazes or that involve fun animal themes are usually a big hit.

5. Puzzle Games

Puzzles also make for entertaining game gift ideas. For your family member who likes activities that require a lot of thought, look for magnetic building kits, magnetic puzzles, or pocket-sized trivia cards. Smaller handheld puzzles are also thoughtful presents. Choose cubes that require them to match the colors on each side for your friends who delight in lengthy puzzles, or opt for simpler handheld versions that require them to transform the puzzles from one shape to another.

There are plenty of game gift ideas available that cater to a wide range of people on your list. This makes shopping for the best game gifts for anyone in your life easy. Decide what fits their personal style of entertainment—educational, puzzle, or fast play—and start looking through our selection ogame gift ideas until you find something you know your gift recipient will love.