7 Fun Gifts Under $25 for Your Picky Teen

Shopping for kids is easy, and with our many fun gifts under $25, shopping for teenagers is just as simple. As your teen discovers their unique interests and personality, you can help them along and give them your support with personalized presents that they'll love.

1. Stationery and Creative Gifts Under $25

Teenagers' brains are always going, asking tough questions and looking for ways to work out problems. Put their minds at rest with a creative outlet. An adult coloring book is a popular choice, and even after pairing it with a set of colored pencils or gel pens, it's still a creative gift under $25. Consider this option for your introverted kid or the one who is prone to anxiety, since coloring can have a calming effect.

Another gift idea under $25 is to give your teenager a blank slate with one of our journals or sketchbooks. These are welcome unique gifts for kids with wandering minds or untapped creative potential. If you've got a budding writer on your hands, pick a journal with high-quality paper and some cute pens. When your teen is more the artsy type, add some of our drawing pencils for a fun gift.

2. Unique Gifts for Tech-Savvy Teens

Teens are connected at all times. Some unique gifts under $25 that we have to offer make it easier for them to stay connected to you and get more done with their phone, tablet or laptop. Try one of our cute keychains with a sleek charging cord for the cell phone. Make sure the one you get has the right charging cord, whether your kid needs a micro USB port, a lightning port or something else entirely. This is the best gift for the teen who always seems to end up with a dead phone. Along the same lines, check out smartphone cases. A pop-out model creates a quick phone stand and gives them a solid grip on their phone wherever they decide to pull it out.

Looking for something for your teen's tablet? A classic stand made from durable wood or plastic lets them watch videos or play games wherever they go without any neck strain. Make sure your kid can hear everything loud and clear with a Bluetooth speaker. If your teen has tons of devices to charge, a wireless charger or multi-USB port charger has enough space for tablets, phones, speakers and more.

3. Creative Gifts of Jewelry and Accessories

Teenagers often love a distinctive look. Help them create it with our creative gifts like a piece of jewelry or an accessory that suits her style. Remember her birthday with a set of earrings or a necklace that features her birthstone, or go for a minimalist, modern feel with jewelry that features crystals.

Shopping for a teen with selective tastes might make you want to go with a different type of accessory. A small clutch or wallet makes purse organization easier and shows off her favorite colors. Our selection of scarves and hats are also popular gifts under $25. Think about what your teen normally wears and choose colors that complement her wardrobe.

4. The Gift of a Good Book

Getting lost in a good book is one of the best gifts under $25 you can give someone. Choose carefully when shopping for a teenager. Instead of looking at this as an opportunity to give something you think they need to read, pick a fun gift they'll truly enjoy reading. For an animal lover, try a photo book of cute animals. For an aspiring chef, choose a creative gift like a recipe book from our unique selection that pushes their skills to the limit. If your kid wants to see the world, pick a travel book that covers a specific country or region.

If your teenager is looking forward to something coming up, then you can use that information while selecting unique gifts. If they're college bound, check out books about dorm life or college success. If they're planning a trip, try a book about hidden locales in that destination for a fun gift.

5. Gifts of Food

Food is one of the best gifts for teenagers. They're often blessed with sky-high metabolism, so you can shower them with the foods you'd love to eat every day. Go beyond standard snack foods and candy with some of our unique gifts that put a twist on classics. Try one of our snack food samplers or a gift set full of treats. Many countries have fun and creative twists on American favorites, like chocolate and gummy candies.

For someone who can't get enough salted peanuts, try a high-end nut basket or tray with nuts covered in different seasonings and flavors. Consider seasoned dried peas for something a little different with a similar texture. Get an assortment of all of these with any of our food-related gift baskets.

6. Soft Skin Creative Gifts for Teens

Part of adolescence is realizing how nice it is to take care of yourself, so look into any of our unique gifts for the skin and hair. If you're shopping for creative gifts for a boy, just look for skin and hair items with minimalist packaging and traditionally masculine scents like sandalwood, rosewood and amber. He'll feel free to take care of his appearance with products designed just for him.

Picking gifts under $25 is especially useful in this category since skin and hair products need replacing fairly frequently. Choosing high-quality, affordable gifts by price lets teens keep using the same products, if they choose. Check out our unique options like bath salts, hair oil and face masks.

7. Unique Gifts for Room Decoration

One of the best parts of the teenage years is figuring out what their personal sense of style is. With a decor present, you can help your growing child create their own space to chill out, unwind from school and get away from the world. Adding something that smells nice is a welcome addition to any teenager's room and something we can all enjoy. Try a large, neutrally scented candle with a set of candleholders for a fun gift.

Not only do candles smell wonderful, but they create relaxing, ambient light. Achieve the same effect with any of our string lights that create a chill feel in a bedroom. Add a set of photo clips that let your teenager decorate the walls with photos of their favorite moments. A quirky piece of wall art can be the perfect creative gift for teens who want to express themselves and their interests. Look through what we have to offer and find items with floral designs, animal prints and inspirational quotes.

Kids' teenage years are an exciting journey of figuring out who they are. Pick any of our fun gifts that show the teen in your life that you understand them and love them exactly as they are. A little bit of thought leads to meaningful and affordable, unique gifts.