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Design an Inviting Space with These Entryway Furniture Ideas

A Buying Guide for the Best Entryway Furniture

Your foyer is the first room you enter in your home and the last when you leave, so choose your entryway furniture carefully. This is the place where you can firmly state your style, create a welcoming spot for guests, and make a functional space for you and your family.

If you choose multifunctional pieces of unique entryway furniture, you'll have a place for keys, coats, scarves, and shoes. Whether you hang pieces or line your walls with benches with hidden storage, you can create a space that's ideal for all of your little last-minute items and even have some seating for guests.

It's important to determine how much room you're working with to make good use of entryway furniture ideas. Before you start shopping, decide what style or function you want to stick with, and figure out whether you want the pieces to take up floor space or hang from your walls.

Decorating Your Entryway

If your home happens to be small in size, don't worry—you can still benefit from unique entryway furniture. Choose low-profile pieces that fit well into the space, and pick wall-hanging pieces that offer a small shelf and some hooks. You might also hand a mirror. Many entryway furniture collections contain pieces that are ideal for hanging keys and coats and storing shoes.

Larger spaces can handle bigger pieces of furniture. Storage benches provide a place for you to sit to tie your shoes, and they're a good spot to store extra shoes, board games, blankets, or anything else that won't fit in closets or other cabinets. You can also add a coat rack in a corner or a small table to hold guests' belongings.

Why You Need Wall-Hanging Storage

Whether you're working with a small space or large foyer, wall-hanging storage works well with other entryway furniture ideas. There's no better place to keep keys and dog leashes than on a shelf with hooks next to your front door; once you've got into the habit of keeping those items there, you're unlikely to lose them again.

As a bonus, you can buy entryway furniture that is not only functional, but fashionable. Scrolled iron, modern geometric metal shelving, and hand-painted heart hooks are all artistic and stylish. You can find a variety of entryway natural furniture, as well, which lets the natural fibers or grains set the tone of your home right at your front door.

Display Your Favorite Art

You can also find entryway furniture and decor that goes beyond benches and hooks. A copper clock with a bright-green patina finish works well with a wooden sideboard beneath it. Plus, you can treat your foyer like a mini art gallery. Find unique decor in a variety of styles and highlight them with spotlights. Remember that artwork isn't just a wall hanging. It can also be in the form of wood crates, mirrors, or baskets.

Double-duty Entryway Furniture Ideas

The best entryway furniture doesn't just hold your keys or coat. Look for entryway furniture that is multifunctional. For example, entryway tables don't have to be actual tables—you can pick out a shelf table that offers you tiers for storage rather than just a single surface.

Don't overlook other departments for unique pieces that can fit in your space and serve several functions of a foyer. For example, entryway office furniture includes pieces like cabinets, benches, and desks. A narrow desk with drawers acts a bit like a console. Place it flush against the wall, and you have a spot for bags, purses, and keys. Everyone has a junk drawer in their homes, and what better place than a drawer in a piece of entryway furniture?

Consider living room furniture, too, for your entryway furniture ideas. If you have the room, why not place a small sofa or loveseat in your foyer? It's a great place for guests to wait for you if you need a few more minutes to get ready. A set of tables or a coffee table provides a place for a briefcase or heavy bag.

The two most important things to keep in mind when you set out to buy entryway furniture is the style you want and that the piece provide multiple functions:

Entryway FurnitureOriginal FunctionSecond FunctionThird Function
BenchesSeatingSurface (keys, bags)Decorative
ShelvesSurface (keys, purse)Artwork displayDecorative
Shoe benchShoe storageSeatingExtra storage
Wall basketsContains (keys, mail)Artwork displayExtra storage

An empty foyer is like having a spare room with nothing in it. At the very least, you can use specially made entryway furniture on your walls to make your space functional. At best, you can outfit the space with shoe benches, console tables, umbrella stands, and hooks for all of your gear.