Enhance Your Home Decor with Unique Furniture for Small Spaces

The best furniture for small spaces can transform plain home decor into exciting statements or add to their overall appeal. Choosing the right pieces for your own home or apartment ultimately depends on creativity. Whether you're alternating furniture sizes, looking for multipurpose items, or outfitting your home with traditional, modern, retro, or assorted natural furniture, it's important to create a space that is a reflection of your style and current home decor.

It's All About Dimensions

Establishing the size of the area as well as the pieces that already call it home are key to finding a stylish balance. Start by measuring the space's dimensions (length, width, and height) to gain a better understanding of what you'll be dealing with as you choose new fully assembled furniture pieces. Keep in mind that the smallest pieces may not always be the best for your room or area. Instead, think about solutions that alternate various sizes and shapes to match already established items. In certain situations, large or medium-sized unique furniture for small spaces will add definition and contrast to previously under-used areas.

Everything Has A Purpose

Multipurpose choices are often the best furniture for small spaces because they can do the work of several selections. Look beyond pieces that are listed as multipurpose, and consider how regular items could be put to work in even the tightest corners. Tight spaces are especially put to the test when wall decor is already on display, so it's important to focus on a fit that stands out, even when space is limited. Storage is important in every room or area, and its importance grows when space is at a premium. Many multipurpose pieces offer a range of storage options from hidden compartments to large shelving.

Types Of FurnitureWhat Makes Them Multipurpose?Common UsesTips
Stools, Ottomans, and BenchesThese convenient items all provide compartments for storage while also presenting a useful seating option.Stools and ottomans provide a great place to rest your feet. Benches are used more for seating, especially when there is a group or gathering.Look for stackable stools that emphasize space-saving storage options.

Try using benches as end tables or coffee tables.

Place them with an existing chair for a comfortable spot to put up your feet.
DaybedsDaybeds provide all of the comfort found in a traditional bed while also presenting a comfortable seating choice.Daybeds are prominently used for guest bedding as well as in furniture sets for children.Pull the daybed away from any walls to make it a focal point.

Add shelves around the frame to increase its storage potential. Incorporate decorative home decor accents into the shelving to bring the room together.
Sleeper SofasMuch like daybeds, these seating items easily convert into a full bed, including a comfortable mattress.Sleeper sofas are another prominent choice for guest bedding. They also work in one-room apartments or similar spaces.Sleeper sofas come in various mattress sizes, so consider which size will be the best fit for your own space. Fun throw pillows can be a finishing touch that corresponds with other items in the space.
BookcasesBookcases showcase not only a storage solution but a space for holding electronics and related items.Bookcases hold all of your must-have valuables, from books to plates. They are a commonly seen storage solution.Apartments with limited kitchenettes can benefit from a bookcase that acts as storage space for appliances as well as pantry goods. In a bathroom, this versatile piece acts as an easy-to-reach open linen cabinet. Take one outdoors to keep all of your potted plants in an attractive display.
ChairsMultipurpose chairs often hold hidden compartments or storage spaces.Chairs fit into almost any space and, depending on fabric or material selections, require little-to-no additional care.Take a metal or wood chair, and turn it into a fun display that stands out among modern furniture for small spaces.
FutonsFutons are a combination of bedding and seating. Their small, functional design makes them a favorite among college students.Futons can be placed against walls or in the center of any space.Use more than one futon to create a fun sleeping space or nap time area for kids.

Off The Ground

If most of your decor is firmly on the floor, reach up for pieces that complement their grounded features. Wall-mounted furniture is a space-saving option that brings a different perspective to standard chair and table arrangements. Often regarded as unique furniture for small spaces, certain pieces in this category can be put away or placed out of sight when not in use. Before installing a wall-mounted piece, confirm the wall's strength and stud placement for the best results.

Popular Wall-Mounted Pieces
BedsInstall a bed in the wall for a quick, safe sleeping solution that easily folds away when not in use. It's a comfortable piece of furniture for small spaces that works well with softer home decor accents.
DesksFold-away desks can be a great choice for home offices that have limited space.
SeatsSeats mounted to the wall provide a solution when storage space is limited. Hanging seats mounted to the ceiling offer a fun, decorative touch that can move with you.
ShelvingShelves are arguably the most well-known choice when searching for the best furniture for small spaces. They are versatile and easy-to-install pieces that are easily adaptable.

In The Corners

Corners are a reality of every room, but they often stand out in small spaces. Use them to your advantage by choosing metal or wood small spaces furniture with angled designs. Sharp-cornered items are especially helpful for these situations. They can give you more space to focus on must-have decor and often become a space for smaller accessories. If your choices don't feature an angle, just go with it and place rounded edges against the corner for a deeper contrast.

Think Outside The Box

Let your creativity guide you through the selection process. While a piece may not traditionally be considered a best furniture for small spaces choice, it might just be perfect for your own dwelling's themes. For example, consider outdoor pieces with iron and metal that could enhance traditional decor or complement the contemporary small spaces furniture you already have.

Furniture for small spaces can become the finishing touch that highlights your favorite home decor. There's no wrong answer to choosing the right pieces, and a little imagination will help you find selections that make the most of everything in the area. Check out our best furniture for small spaces, and enhance your home now.