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Easter Infographic

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Hey, Everybunny...
It’s Easter!
Put these Fun Facts in Your Basket
Easter Eats & Treats By the Numbers
90 Million Chocolate Bunnies
Listen up: 89% of Americans eat ears first.
700 Million Marshmallow Peeps™
Yellow is most popular.
50 Million Ghirardelli™ Chocolate Squares
The first Ghirardelli store was in Peru!
16 Billion Jellybeans
These could easily circle the globe.
25 Million Toblerone Swiss Chocolate Bars
There’s a bear hidden in the logo. Hunt for it!
100 Million Cadbury™ Chocolate Créme Eggs
Eggs-tremely popular since 1875!
How the World Fills Its Baskets
Our northern neighbors can’t wait to crack their Cadbury Eggs, eh.
Mexican niños awaken to baskets hopping with chocolate bunnies.
United States
Peep this: American kids devour millions of Marshmallow Peeps.
United Kingdom
It’s baked fun for everyone with Easter hot cross buns.
Did someone say Fabergé? Jeweled eggs are the most popular gifts here.
Germans really branch out on Easter—they hide their eggs in trees!
Chocolate bilbies—not bunnies—are how it’s done down under.
Water guns make a splash—Polish Easter is all about getting drenched. | | | | | | | | | |