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Create an Ocean-Themed Room with Driftwood Decor 

Driftwood Decor Conversation Pieces

Many people use driftwood as an accent. Glass terrariums offer an excellent example of how the deep wooden tones can complement the delicate nature of glass. Grow a live garden with plants native to coastal climates and accentuate them with natural driftwood decor. Some wind chimes incorporate similar elements and use real seashells or items directly sourced from the ocean, including sea sponges and star fish.

PiecesDescriptionTips for Making Them Stand Out
WreathsA loose-braided design with various lengths of driftwood attached.Add embellishments like nautical rope, netting, and even ornaments with textured designs. Fake plants that mimic the look of seaweed and kelp also make for a striking display.
Hanging PlantersAbstract and shaped designs that hold smaller plants and flowers.Alternate between live succulent planters and hanging baskets to create a more defined look. Try to include different plants and flowers in each planter to give a sense of variety to the space. Also keep in mind what will grow best in your region.
Live-Edge Wood MirrorsMirrors surrounded by unique wood frames. Most frames are not uniformly cut, as they are often individually crafted.Place mirrors across from one another to give the illusion of more space. Think about adding fun decals to each corner that represent what you love about the ocean. Tack on pictures from your last trip to the beach to personalize each frame.
Live-Edge Wood RacksWood racks with metallic accents for coats, hats, and scarves.Storage is still important, even in themed rooms. Driftwood decor racks keep your favorite items handy while adding to the space's look. Try decorating a rack with fun beach-themed fabrics. Blue and green fabrics that are translucent bring to mind the soothing waves of the ocean.

Sit Down and Enjoy the Scenery 

The addition of driftwood decor can enhance ocean-themed living spaces, and the soothing hues and lines support a calming atmosphere. Choose a few driftwood pieces with natural indentations to use as bowls for holding potpourri with ocean-themed scents. Consider adding live-edge wood accents to the room for variety and authenticity. Much like driftwood in look and texture, these pieces showcase natural wood, but live-edge wood does not have the same all-over weathered look of driftwood. Look for throw pillows in solid sea green or blue tones. Bold striped patterns also bring beach styles to any couch, as do pillows in the jewel tones of sea glass. Some ocean-themed pillow covers feature whimsical patterns or even realistic images of marine life.

Seaworthy Displays

Very large sections of driftwood are good for creating sizable pieces of art to anchor a room or even crafting driftwood furniture. Look for driftwood decor that emphasizes single branches or unfinished stems. Both ghostwood and grapewood pieces are an excellent touch. Ghostwood is recycled wood that has been worn by outside elements and eaten by insects. Grapewood, derived from grapevines, has a hardened exterior that mimics the texture of driftwood. Place several branches together to create art that will keep guests talking. Loose, flowing fabric gives the design a sense of movement; simply drape it over the branches, and the look is complete. Add small shelves to create storage spots that can hold sea-themed items like seashells or bottles of sand. Accent not just ocean decor, but also nautical themes with driftwood pieces. Introduce a few branches into model displays for ships or place them on a coffee table alongside maritime treasures for a pretty centerpiece.

Illuminating Fixtures

Driftwood decor lighting fixtures and candle holders can be the finishing touch to your space. Floor-length driftwood lamps highlight the natural appearance of these reclaimed woods, but they also imbue your space with a warm glow. Pair one of these lamps with an earth-tone shade for an understated look. Alternatively, go all out with a vibrant patterned shade depicting a classic seaside motif, such as lobsters, shells, or sailboats. Table lamps in the same style make it easy to add the right lighting to any room with ocean-themed decor. When using more than one driftwood lamp in a room, consider pairing complementary, rather than matching, shades for a bit of whimsy.

The authentic look of driftwood decor can make an ocean-themed room feel even closer to the seashore. Paired with coastal accents, these wood pieces offer a natural design and blend easily with other wood furniture. Shop today to find driftwood- and ocean-themed accents for any room.