6 Dining Table Options for Creating a Unique Space

When you change the style of the rest of your home, remember the dining room. Updating it can be as easy as adding a new dining table and some accent pieces. You have a lot of dining table options that can transform the room completely. If your family is growing, you may need a larger table to accommodate everyone, while downscaling may be necessary when you move to a smaller home. The best dining tables help set the tone of the room. Take into consideration the size of the space and how many people you need to seat.

You may want to choose your material preference, and then start shopping for quality dining tables that fit your space. But if creating a unique look for your dining room is important, then be sure to read through these ideas. One may spark your imagination, and you can shop for unique dining tables knowing exactly what your goal is for the room.

Make the Most of a Small Space

When you're living in close quarters, it can feel like you must omit some essentials to make room for others. On top of that, it may seem as though you should sacrifice style to find pieces that simply fit. As it turns out, among available dining room collections, you'll find many options for small spaces that are stylish, unique, and practical.

A cafeteria-style dining table offers plenty of table space and built-in seating, which means you can easily seat four people for meals. To reduce your dining room furniture footprint, choose a dining table with benches. For a unique take on this look, consider purchasing upholstered benches to add a pop of color and visual interest to the room.

Mixed Materials

If you prefer an eclectic look, plenty of dining table options exist that can satisfy your preference for all things different. Push the design envelope further by mixing up materials wherever you can. Some of the best dining tables combine clean lines in mid-century modern style, but contrast glass tops with wooden legs. To really solidify that you're intentionally mixing materials, choose all-metal dining chairs or soft upholstered chairs. The only rules in home decor and design are the ones you set for yourself.

Take It Higher

Get away from the traditional dining table by choosing a pub-height set. You can create a casual bar vibe in your dining room with these dining tables that are tall and look great with bar stool height chairs.

You can also go with simple bar stools to make it clear what your design is supposed to emulate. Even if you prefer a minimalist look, you can find unique dining tables that are slim in design with white or black slick tops. Pair the table with low-backed bar stools with thin metal legs, and you'll have an interesting modern look.

Up or Down – Your Choice

A great way to change the look of your dining room is to use an adjustable dining table. A few spins of the round table can bump the height of the surface to pub-height. Slide a few bar stools underneath (or don't use chairs at all) and you suddenly have a great space for cocktails and appetizers. Give the top an opposite spin and it's back to traditional height. Pop a few dining chairs underneath and you have a regular dining space again.

Not-So-Basic Essentials

Just because a dining table is an essential doesn't mean it has to be boring. You can find wooden dining room furniture that showcases modern, contemporary, country, or farmhouse styles. If you're worried about it looking too normal or basic, change up the look with fun accessories or upholstered chairs in interesting patterns.

You can find unique dining tables that feature hairpin legs, metal tops, or shapely legs. Then add some basic dining room chairs to let the table speak more loudly in your space.

Clustered Creativity

For one of the most unique looks for a dining room, consider buying several pieces of assembled dining room furniture. As long as you have a space that's big enough, try putting three round tables together in the center of the room. Don't mind the gaps; you can add a TV tray to the center for more stability. This will give you a flower-like dining table for a look that is unique.

Of course, you may not have the space for multiples, but there are a lot of dining table options, even if you start looking at accent tables with a different perspective. Take two laptop tables and push them together to make one small square dining table. Some shapes work better for this idea than others.




Typically seats 4-5

Typically seats 4

Typically seats 6-8

Works well in small or large spaces

Works best in smaller dining rooms

Works well in narrow dining rooms whether small or large

Choose oval if you need more seating (often a round dining table includes leaves to make it oval)

Often includes leaves for expanding to seat more; push two square tables together to make a rectangular table

Push two tables together end-to-end (longer rectangular) or side-by-side (large square) for more seating

Regardless of the space you need to fill, you can find the best dining tables for your dining room that fit your style, whether it's traditional, modern, or somewhere in between. If you don't see exactly what you want, you can create it yourself by mixing and matching the tables, chairs, or even repurposing one piece as something else. Creating a unique look with quality dining tables is only limited by your imagination. Follow the rules, or not. It's your space, so make it uniquely yours.