Choosing Sofas Styles for Small Spaces

Considerations for Small Spaces

Study your living room for a moment. Is this a spot where you plan to unwind after work? Perhaps you want your main room to be a place where you entertain guests. Determining the tone you want to set will help you choose from the available sofas for small spaces.

Grab your measuring tape, and start writing down measurements. You need to know exactly how much space you're working with before you start shopping. Once you've taken these measurements, repeat them to ensure accuracy. It would be heartbreaking to find the right couch for the room and then discover it doesn't fit.

There are many types of sofas for small spaces, so you have more choice than you may realize. Consider a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. Fans of Mad Men will love mid-century modern pieces, while those who fell for the romantic curves of the furniture in Marie Antoinette will adore traditional settees and other sofas with details on the arms and feet.

Get Flexibility in Narrow Sofas

Keep in mind that dorms and apartments can be overwhelmed by large pieces of living room furniture. Focus on finding sofas for small spaces that have smaller footprints and take up less floor space.

If you pick a couch with a narrow profile, you can fit more furniture around it. For example, the best sofas for small spaces have no arms and the legs, and the couch itself may below to the ground. The lack of arms allows for more seating space, and the low-profile style fits better in a smaller place.

You can find modern sofas for small spaces that come in bright colors to add visual interest to the room. Often, a modern couch will be minimalist in design, which gives you that low-profile look that can keep your living room from feeling cluttered.

Consider a Day Sofa 

Another great option is day sofas. This type of contemporary small spaces furniture is a bit like a day bed or a futon. Not only is it smaller, but it does double duty. When you have a guest over, you can quickly convert it to a bed that sleeps one.

Unlike typical futons, day couches typically come with fluffy pillows to line the back, providing a comfortable place for relaxing. They're also quite durable, with thick fabric that stands up to everyday use.

Add Even More Seating with Sectionals

Although sectionals are typically seen as one of the largest couches available, you can find these sofas for small spaces, too. A compact version may look like a small couch with a built-in chaise, and it can comfortably seat three to four people. This type of small spaces furniture doesn't take up as much room as an L-shaped couch.

However, if you're looking for sectionals that can accommodate five or six people, you shouldn't completely omit the large sectional from your list of sofas for small spaces. As long as you have a corner to fill, you can easily fit one in your living room. You may have to give up a coffee table or other piece of furniture to fit the couch, but that might be worth it to you if you entertain often.

Benefits of Loveseats and Full-Size Sofas

One of the obvious choices when you're shopping sofas for small spaces is the loveseat. It's essentially a couch, but about a third smaller. You won't have to sacrifice style if you buy a loveseat.

There's only one real downside to a loveseat, and that's you can only comfortably fit one or two people on these smaller couches. Sofas and loveseats are comparable in almost every other area, though.

Seats 3-4Seats 1-2
Better for tall peopleWorks for shorter people
Can overwhelm a small spaceNaturally fits in a small space
Seat depth varies, but usually fairly deepSeat depth varies, but usually not as deep

When you're ready to shop the best sofas for small spaces, be prepared to make decisions on the style, fabric, and color of your new couch. If it's important to have a versatile piece of furniture, consider a day sofa. If you're determined to have enough seating for all your friends, throw your plans (but not your measurements) to the wind and buy that sectional.

You can find a variety of sofas for small spaces that are unique in design, size, and pattern, so you're sure to find exactly what you want.