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A Buying Guide to Finding the Right Couch for Your Home

Before You Go Shopping

You likely have an idea of the space you need to fill, but it can help to get exact measurements of the room before you start looking for the best couches for small spaces. Be sure you consider any tables, chairs, floor lamps, or media consoles, you want to place in the room, as well.

Consider how much seating you really need. If you're one to host parties, ample seating is a priority. If it's just you and your cat with an occasional guest, you can opt for couches for small spaces that are tinier.

Style is an important part of the equation, too; but luckily, there are various types of couches for small spaces, so you're likely to find your mid-century modern, shabby chic, or classic style with no problem.

The shape of your couch is going to depend largely on the space you need to fill. A corner can easily accommodate a sectional couch, while a wide-open room will benefit from a couple of small love seats or modern couches for small spaces. Whether you choose a high or low-back couch may depend on the height of your ceilings; for example, rooms with low ceilings work better with low-profile furniture.

The materials available for couches for small spaces range from velvet and linen to cotton and polyester. Your decision here could be based on your personal style, color options, or even ease of cleaning.

Plenty of options exist for contemporary small spaces furniture: traditional couches, love seats, chaise lounges, and sectionals are just a few, and you just need a plan before you get started shopping.

How Much Space Do You Have?

An open floor plan seems like a great blank slate at first, but if you choose a large couch to fill the space, you could overwhelm it. You can find just the right-sized couches for small spaces that offer seating without being stifling. Placing a couple of love seats in a wide-open space works well, and adding a bookcase as a room divider can help define a room. Searching for the right living room furniture for your room may come down to the size of one wall.

If you already have a well-defined space and a corner to fill, a sectional couch could be a great choice. It offers lots of seating and doesn't take up the center of a room, saving space. You can even find modern couches for small spaces that have no arms, which can save even more space in your living room.

Save Space with These Pieces

A popular choice for many people who have little room but lots of style and want extra seating is a chaise lounge. More compact than sofas and love seats but still a comfortable place to lay or lounge, they can be situated to take up only one wall of your living room. You can even find alternatives to sectionals that combine a couch and a chaise in one—just another example of the types of couches for small spaces that exist.

Another great way to save space is to trick the eye. Choosing a neutral color for your couch, such as light gray, taupe, white, or tan, can create the illusion of a larger room. If bright colors are for you, there's no need to shy away from them, but you may want to choose smaller modern couches for small spaces to prevent them from taking over the room.

Make a Guest Room Out of Your Living Room

If you're living in limited space, you likely don't have a guest bedroom. You can turn your living room into a guest room if you shop for the best couches for small spaces. Various types of small spaces furniture, such as sofa beds, day sofas, and convertible couches, are all designed to provide seating during the day and transform into beds at night.

Sofa beds are more comfortable than ever, and they make a great alternative to an air mattress. They look like a large love seat or a small couch by day but lay flat to create a bed at night. Day sofas are similar, while convertible couches are a bit like modern-day futons. Even a chaise lounge-couch combo can work as a bed in a pinch, and you can find plenty of modern couches for small spaces like these in various colors and materials.

Loveseats, Couches, and Sectionals

Choosing between a love seat, couch, and sectional isn't just about the space you have; it's also about the look you want to create and the amount of seating you need. Consider these benefits of each of these couches for small spaces to help you decide:

LoveseatLow-profile, 52 to 64 inches long, available without arms, various styles
CouchSeats 3+, available without arms, various styles
SectionalSeats 5+, fits easily in corners, various styles

Unorthodox Picks for Your Living Room

If you're interested in lightweight, easy-to-move furniture that works as an alternative to traditional couches for small spaces, you could look into buying small upholstered benches to use for couch-like seating. You can choose storage benches to maximize your space even more; use for seating and storing items out of sight.

Outdoor seating options can also be considered among the different types of couches for small spaces. Generally, these pieces are smaller in size than traditional couches, but they can work just as well. They're also extra durable because they're made for outdoors, an important consideration if you have children.

To complete the look of your little living room, you need the best couches for small spaces. Your living room is the place where your family and friends will gather, so it's important to set the tone of the room with couches for small spaces that feature style and comfort, all while making sure everyone has a place to sit. Shop our collections to find various types of couches for small spaces that will be at home in your home.