The Best Bedroom Furniture for Your Unique Style

Are you looking to update your space because you fell in the love with one of the latest bedroom furniture trends? Or, maybe you're just like us and love shopping for all kinds of furniture. You never know when you'll find that one special piece of unique bedroom furniture to bring a new feel to your room. We live in our bedrooms, and almost nothing beats a good cup of coffee in bed on a Sunday morning. We think bedrooms should be comfortable, functional and personalized to your unique sense of style. We may be talking about the clean lines of modern furniture or something bold and colorful that reminds you of somewhere far away. By picking the right unique bedroom furniture, you can create a warm, welcoming room that's just right for you.

Hidden Storage Gems

We've discovered it's simply not possible to have enough places to put away folded and larger things. This is particularly important if you have limited space. Take it from us; practical bedroom furniture doesn't need to be boring. Add a storage cabinet, bench or dresser to your space for an easy and extremely useful way to personalize your room. Storage cabinets are convenient pieces of decorative furniture that no one will confuse with something traditional. Fold up jeans and sweaters in colorful cabinets with one or two shelves. Keep T-shirts, underwear and larger items that need more space in modern furniture that has a combination of shelves and drawers. An upholstered bench placed at the end of your bed or under a window provides storage, a place to sit and somewhere to toss your clothes.

We love unique bedroom furniture such as dressers that are both decorative and functional. If you only have a few things to put away, look for smaller choices with three drawers. Pick tall, thin dressers with up to six drawers if you're decorating a smaller space. Mahogany furniture with clean, simple lines offers a more traditional feel. You can increase the personalization of restrained wooden furniture by selecting items with unique foot designs, hardware and finishes. Take what you need to store into consideration when deciding what type of dresser to buy. Dressers with two small drawers sitting side by side provide space for smaller items such as socks and underwear.

It's Reigning Beds

The bed frame and headboard reign supreme when it comes to setting the tone and creating the atmosphere of your sleeping area. We adore the dreamy, romantic look a canopy bed brings to a room. If you want modern furniture, think about adding a platform bed. It sits relatively close to the ground and offers a streamlined, minimalist appearance. A padded, upholstered headboard and frame creates a charming throwback feel and is comfortable to lean back on if you enjoy reading in bed. If you're in search of unique bedroom furniture with a global feel, look at decorative wooden bed frames and headboards from around the world.

A new headboard could be more than enough to bring fresh life to your bedroom. We love the idea of using custom furniture to bring your personality to the space. Choose the shape and then the fabric for an upholstered headboard to create a piece that's precisely you. If you really enjoy going your own way, design an ottoman or storage bench to match your headboard. Remember though, that matching isn't mandatory. It's your bedroom, so you get to do whatever you'd like, and we find that the bedroom furniture trend of mixing colors and textures to be super fun.

No More Nightstand Nightmares

Nightstands hold cell phones, glasses of water and all those things you want to be able to just reach over and grab when you're half asleep. They're an easy way to increase the functionality of your bedroom and introduce a piece of decorative furniture that means something to you.

We think that a useful design when it comes to keeping items of varying sizes nicely put away is a nightstand with one drawer on top of a relatively large door. For a bold, international feel, think about adding unique bedroom furniture with intricate doors and embossed metals. Options with two larger drawers can double as small dressers. They work well if you tend to keep several things close to your bed. Current bedroom furniture trends emphasize the pursuit of individual comfort and style when decorating this most personal of rooms. Focus on precisely how the design of each piece contributes to the overall functionality of your room.

Small tables with single drawers provide a pared-down, contemporary look with enough space on top for a lamp and room for a book or reading device on the open shelf underneath. Look for thin single-drawer nightstands if you're short on floor space. You can find truly unique wooden bedroom furniture with pullout clothes folding trays. We like the idea of using features to increase the individuality of a bedroom's design. Pick a matching nightstand and bed combination with an unusual finish if you're in the mood for a bedroom set that's also original. With bedroom furniture collections, it's super easy to fill your space with a theme you truly love. If you're decorating a small modern bedroom, a paired nightstand and bed might be all you need. We suggest looking for matching dressers, headboards and nightstands in dynamic colors or with interesting patterns if you decide to decorate on a large scale.

We know there are few things as important as feeling at home where you live, especially in your bedroom. We think coming home to furniture that reflects your ideals and values is a huge part of that. Search our decorative bedroom furniture from around the world and let your imagination soar.