Make a Splash with Decorative Bath Towels

Narrowing your search of which bath towels to buy is easy, especially when we help you along with great ideas for combining fun details to craft your dream bathroom. While towels serve the basic function of drying your body, hands and hair, they can complement the rest of your bed and bath products when you think outside the box of typical designs. Consider a range of globally inspired, eclectic pieces and you're sure to find the right look for your bathroom. With our list of bath towel ideas, you'll find ways to combine different styles and coordinate (or clash!) colors like a pro and build a look you love with playful textures.

Mix Up Towel Types

Towels come in different shapes and sizes, but one of the most important bath towel ideas is to start with a solid foundation of bath and hand sizes. Bath towels tend to be the largest type so you can wrap yourself in comfort after a calming soak in the tub or an invigorating shower. Hand towels are on the smaller end of the spectrum because you only need them to pat your hands dry after washing them. When you're thinking about which bath towels to buy, consider where you're hanging them. If you're limited by space, we recommend going for the essential body and hand towels first. If you have extra room to play around with, throw a medium-size one into your collection. This intermediate size adds volume to your collection, which allows your design scheme to visually pop.

Play with Patterns

Many ways exist to incorporate patterned towels into your bathroom, such as classy options that include lattice shapes and timeless stripes. If you're a design daredevil, go for bold, decorative bath towels. Try incorporating elements such as eye-catching swirls and richly detailed tapestries of color. Abstract designs look artsy, especially if you're looking for modern styles to match your sleek decor.

We also suggest throwing in nature-inspired prints such as floral schemes and seaside designs. Alternatively, you can spread your wings with bird prints and butterflies. Another one of our favorite bath towel ideas is to include tribal patterns, which create a global feel. These can take the form of streamlined geometric figures or rustic, Southwestern-inspired motifs. We also recommend adding a worldly touch with hand-dyed options such as vibrant ikat designs.

Add Pops of Color

In addition to trying out various prints, you can have some fun with a full rainbow of colors. One bath towel idea is to use contrasting colors, such as fire engine red and soothing mint, to maximize visual impact. Are you not up for a color coordination session? Look for bath towel collections to take the guesswork out of matching different styles. If you prefer a subtle look, going monochromatic is a great option. This method involves choosing colors in the same family so they smoothly blend.

One of the things we love about colored decorative bath towels is that solid colors give you creative freedom. You get to play with different palettes since you don't have to worry about clashing prints. Speaking of prints, solid hues make versatile options to tone down busy patterns and designs. If your favorite ikat print repeats a lot of blues, for instance, you can throw in a soft mint or sky blue solid to keep with the theme while creating a slightly different look. These single-color decorative bath towels are a great investment for minimalists and for new homeowners just starting out with interior design.

Try Unexpected Textures

Beyond mixing up patterns and shapes, one of our top design ideas is to search for sculpted bath towels. Texture can run the gamut from subtly raised chevron prints to intricately embossed tile patterns, so you can find the right level for you. Playing around with raised textures is a fabulous bath towel idea if you're sticking to a simple color scheme because it lets you keep to a single color palette while adding visual interest. However, these decorative bath towels don't just look good; the texture also improves absorbency for an even better bath time experience.

Another updated idea that we suggest is adding a fuzzy texture. Instead of classic raised textures, a fluffier feeling makes your bathroom linens more like cozy blankets that you'll love wrapping yourself in after a bath or shower. If you're into texture but looking for a more out-of-the-box approach, consider fancy bath towels that incorporate luxe tassels along the edge to give your guests (and yourself!) the royal treatment. We also like playful fringe as a boho-chic alternative to tassels.

There are always ways to include new ideas to help your bathroom speak to your style. From mixing up textures and sizes to adding splashes of colors and prints, you can take your space to the next level by switching up your decorative bath towels. One of the best parts is that it's an affordable and functional way to dress up your room. You'll always need towels, and we recommend springing for styles that speak to you because it'll turn your bathroom into a reflection of your design ideas. Whether you're a fan of modern or traditional types, you'll find your perfect match among our collection of eclectic prints and globally inspired details.