Elevate Your Seating With Slipcover Designs

When your favorite furniture is looking worn (perhaps it's become the cat's new scratching post?) but you still want to keep it around, give it new life with a variety of slipcover ideas. If you're wondering how to pick the best slipcover ideas for your furniture, consider your purposes for covering, and the way in which certain designs and hues fit into your room's design scheme.

What Is a Slipcover and Why Use One?

The adaptability of most slipcover designs makes them fantastic options for rejuvenating the look of your chairs, sofas and loveseats, because they can protect the furniture and reflect your style. A popular reason for using slipcovers is to hide wear and tear on the furniture. A well-used chair may show thinning fabric but still has a sturdy frame and inserts. Instead of buying new seating, you can just use what you have with one of our modern slipcovers that hide the wear and create a fresh look.

Covering furniture does not always have to hide anything though. Instead, it can serve as the first line of defense against wear and tear. If you have active children or furry pets in your home, a durable slipcover protects your sofa from grassy shoes and muddy paw prints. Light-colored sofas benefit from extended coverage because their color remains clean. Additionally, the fabric maintains its resilience and firm cushion filling. Some modern slipcovers come treated with protectants to resist or diminish the appearance of stains.

Slipcovers are an economical way of decorating, too. One of our well-fitting furniture covers can change a drab sofa into a lively centerpiece. Using creative slipcover ideas along with a few outside accents can change the appearance of the whole room.

Getting It Just Right With Different Types of Slipcovers

In order to make your furniture look spectacular, a slipcover needs to fit right. Decide if you prefer a slipcover design that drapes over the furniture, one that stretches to fit around it or a manufactured slipcover ready to fit a particular piece of furniture.

Any of our basic slipcover designs drape over the couch and tuck into the backs of the cushions. Then you pull back the sides of the cover and tie them off. Our stretchable modern slipcovers provide a fitted form that automatically adjusts to the elastic around the base of the fabrics. Like a fitted bed sheet, it lays on the furniture piece that wraps around it, so you only have to tuck in any loose corners. You often cover cushions independently in the same material. A tailor-fit slipcover produced by the manufacturer of the furniture piece provides a flawless fit. Such slipcovers offer an incredibly easy way to give a seamless style upgrade to current chairs and sofas.

Having Some Fun With Slipcover Design Options

When you bring home a new slipcover, ideas abound for design options. It can almost magically transform a room by becoming a showpiece that serves as the focal point. When dreaming up a slipcover design that works with your space, consider the size of your furniture pieces, other accent items in the room and the new style you'd like.

Ensure the best new look for your comfortable old chair by measuring the width of the outside arm edges and the drop between the bottom of the furniture and the floor. Once you have the size, choose a fabric from our selection of various materials. Linen works well for low-traffic areas since it's a little more susceptible to wrinkling. For durable slipcovers, select fabric with a heavier weight, like twill or cotton. These materials endure the wear from rustling kids and jumping pups.

A new slipcover should include any elements in the original cover. If you expect a lot of spills and messes, choose a dark color like brown that hides any stains. If you don't have to worry about that, feel free to choose any of our light hues that open up the room and give off an airy feel. For your patio and deck areas, your chairs and ottomans benefit from our flexible slipcover designs to change up or get new outdoor slipcovers and replacement cushions. It's a cinch to switch out seating with the seasons or for special occasions that deem worthy of a new look.

You can make your furniture a focal point with our modern slipcovers. In a room of beige or cream, choose one of our colorful slipcovers to make a bold statement. Contemporary or tropical designs call attention to the piece they are on. Large, bright stripes set apart a chair or sofa from a room of neutral colors. When thinking of slipcover design ideas, consider items already in your house. How would a slipcover pull together other items in the room? Vary patterns and colors for a lively look. Decide if the chair would complement a sofa cover or an accent table. Perhaps the cover can play off the tones of a rug. You can also perk up pillows to match by easily covering them with any of our shams and pillowcases. A decorative pillow on a chair can take many forms for years to come with a collection of assorted shams that reflect any feeling you wish to share. Our modern slipcovers let you replace the fabric to coordinate with each season, too.

The convenience of slipcovers allows you to enjoy your current furniture in new ways. Use your current decor and our inventory to get slipcover ideas by matching them with items you already own. With just a quick change of fabric, you have a room full of new life.