Creative Gifts for Women Who Love to Create

When it comes to buying creative gifts for women, you can choose from a wide selection that caters to your recipient’s favorite creative outlet. From books and journals for the wordsmith to kitchen extras for the culinary pro, there are plenty of ways to spark her imagination. She’ll also appreciate new decor to bring inspiration into her creative space, so consider unique accents, aromatic candles, and fun, organizational elements when crafting your list of gifts for women. If you feel stumped, there are also plenty of gift baskets to please the creative individual in your life.

Stationery and Desk Supplies

Notebooks, journals, and sketch pads are must-have gifts for her. They come in a variety of unique patterns and motifs while helping her jot down ideas and plan future projects. Leave them blank to let her creativity flow or opt for prompt-filled travel journals, list-ready pages, and goal-setting books to inspire her next scribbling session.

Coloring and doodling books provide a creative outlet to help her unwind. These are some of the best gifts for women because they encourage both imaginative and minimally creative ladies alike to unleash their colorful sides with the guidance of outlines, illustrations, and doodling prompts.

Consider a new set of art supplies or writing instruments to coax out her artistic side. A fresh set of colored pencils, paints, pens, or everyday pencils is sure to bring a smile to her face each time she sets to work on her latest endeavor. Turn daily tasks into fun activities with items such as themed sticky note sets, patterned paper clips, kooky staplers, and other unconventional desk supplies as creative gifts for women.

Cookbooks and Kitchen Tools

A cookbook is a surefire way to inspire the culinary creative in your life. With a book full of recipes that range from health-conscious meals to hearty brunch treats, she might just find her new favorite dish. Quirky tools like animal-themed measuring cups or cutting boards in unexpected shades also make fun yet practical additions to her kitchen and ideal gifts for women who love to create in the kitchen. Cutters, molds, and stamps let her add individuality to her DIY kitchen creations like cookies, ice pops, and even sandwiches.

Pre-Curated Gift Sets

Give her a gift set, which is a convenient option to add to your list of gifts for women. The ones with food treasures give her everything she needs to come up with her latest delicious creation. Other gift set options are assorted sampler sets of teas, coffees, and wines that let her find her new favorite beverage. Or, you can help her step up her cooking game with artisanal spices, salts, cooking oils, sauces, and even nut butters.

If you’re looking to buy gifts for women who are also DIY enthusiasts, opt for a full meal kit. Let her build her own dishes, like pasta and paella, from scratch. The ultimate cooking junkie would also appreciate niche DIY kits like a cheese making set or a gourmet popcorn making bundle. For the busy woman who loves whipping up treats in the oven but prefers a little less hands-on work, baking mixes are a great way to encourage her to still find time for culinary creativity.

Gardening Items

If cultivation is one of her favorite methods of creating, buy a gift for the woman in your life from a wide variety of outdoor and indoor gardening items. For the lady who loves seeing her projects through from start to finish, a seed sampler gives her the satisfaction of growing a garden from the ground up. 

If she’d rather look after a fully grown plant, terrariums and succulents freshen up her home and make thoughtful creative gifts for women. Try stepping up the usual bouquet of flowers by finding a uniquely shaped or patterned vase that appeals to her creative side.

Craft Sets

One of the best gifts for women who love making things is an activity or craft set. From origami and painting to stationery-making sets, there’s the perfect kit to spark her creativity. Give her everything she needs to string together her new favorite bracelet or necklace with a jewelry-making kit or let her knit, sew, or embroider her next project with a crafting set.

For the woman with a quirky set of hobbies, think outside the box with a DIY stained glass or balloon modeling kit. If she loves the satisfaction of putting pieces together to see the big picture, jigsaw puzzles are another way to unleash both her creative and logical sides.

Decor Items

Home accent items make for unexpected gifts for women. Not only are room accents and organizational elements thoughtful birthday gifts, but they also spruce up her crafting space. A handwoven basket or a few embellished pouches, for example, help her organize her supplies while expressing her style. Embellished file folders allow her to keep track of her sketches, prose, and musings.

Encourage free thinking in her creative space by adding scents like lilacs, verbena, and passion fruit with a new set of bath salts, lotions, and soaps. Add a few candles to amp up the ambiance, too. Artwork and frames are some of the best gifts for women because they liven up any wall. Between abstract paintings, globally inspired pieces, and vintage prints, a new piece of art might just inspire her next project. Don’t forget to complete the gift with a new frame, too.

Gift-Giving Supplies

One of the best gifts for creative women who are also thoughtful gift givers is a new set of wrapping essentials that also doubles as craft supplies. One-of-a-kind greeting cards allow her to be gracious and reach out to those she loves. Similarly, patterned wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, and baskets let her mix and match different ways to give her presents.

Top it off with tissue paper to add a touch of color, gift tags to let her personalize her pieces, and a spool of ribbon so she can finalize each item with a bow. Or, use these unique wrapping items to spruce up your own present to her.

Between culinary tools, stationery, home items, and craft kits, there’s a wide variety of inspiring gifts for the important women in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a Mother's Day gift for Mom, a birthday present for your sister, or a Christmas gift for a friend or another important female figure, you’re sure to find uniquely thoughtful gifts for any women to ignite her creative side.