Coworker Gift Ideas Sure to Bring the Fun Back Into the Office 

Take advantage of the opportunity to bring a little excitement into the office environment with coworker gift ideas sure to make everyone smile, whether for a birthday, wedding anniversary, the birth of a new child, or the holidays. Even though it’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect gift for someone in the office, a few promising ideas set you in the right direction.

You don’t need to break the bank or browse the social media profiles of your coworkers to figure out the best gifts. Sometimes, you simply need a way to bring up office morale with your distinctive touch. As you set out to find a present that conveys the right sentiment, here are a few coworker gift ideas to get you through the selection process.

Add to Your Coworker's Desk 

The key to the best coworker gifts is to find something that the person either uses or appreciates for sentimental purposes. When everyone spends so much time at their desks, they appreciate things that help them stay focused or to minimize their stress. Since most offices don’t allow music played out loud, your office companion needs another way to pass the time between meetings and lunch breaks, which means you need to come up with a unique coworker gift.

A zen garden is a popular desk item if your friend likes to keep the hands occupied and the mind focused. Instead of a candle, choose fragrances that need no flame with a subtle aroma, like a diffuser for essential oils, which are ideal for shared spaces. Lunch boxes and coffee mugs make ideal coworker gifts for anyone who brings food and drink from home. Picture frames provide the opportunity to display photos of loved ones in cubicles or on office walls.

Learn About Your Coworker 

Even though you spend a lot of time with your work companions at the office, you have the option to give a coworker gift that the person can use at home instead. You spend most of your daytime hours during the week with these people, so you should be able to learn a few details about their personal lives to integrate into a present. Learn about their hobbies, and play on that idea for a unique coworker gift.

If your coworker enjoys playing golf, then gift that person with a session at a local golf course or driving range. If someone's pastime involves relaxing with a good book, then delve a little deeper to find out what genre is preferable and give that individual a book off the most recent bestseller's list in that genre. When you are unable to glean hobbies, then a gift basket with food, snacks, and other items from around the globe usually goes a long way with anyone. There are endless possibilities for coworker gift ideas to choose from to fit any person's interests.

Create an “Office Survival Kit” 

Sometimes, escaping the cubicle isn’t always a possibility. And even the hardest working and best employees have off days, which is why a homemade “office survival kit” is the perfect choice to keep your officemates in good spirits. Make it personal and create a basket of goodies to help your work friend get through the day happily. There are plenty of components to consider, but these gift sets make ideal presents for one of your coworkers or the entire office.

First, choose whether you want to buy a set with all the supplies already available, or if you want to make this unique coworker gift yourself. Add in essentials, like instant coffee and candies to help your friend survive the afternoon slump. If the person is a fan of office supplies, then make sure to add sticky notes for impromptu reminders, and a stress ball for those days when leaving the office on time isn't an option. With a few more trinkets to make the workday easier, you may even receive a thank-you gift in return for the salvation of your generosity.

Certain times of the year, such as anniversaries, holidays, or birthdays are perfect opportunities to improve comradery with your coworkers when you choose to give them presents to celebrate these times. Even though it is important to keep up the professional atmosphere at work, that doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the chance to make someone you spend all those hours with smile. Take the time to learn about the people that sit near you every day, and let their stories give you the information you need to find items that perfectly suit their personalities. After chatting with your officemates, find perfect and unique coworker gifts that help bring a bit of fun into their workdays, and at the same time build your professional relationships.