Corporate Gift Ideas for Those Annual Holiday Parties

When that time of the year comes around, you need some corporate gift ideas for the annual holiday party. And keep in mind that the best corporate gifts are the ones that your employees or coworkers appreciate and use, as several studies say people enjoy unwrapping presents that are functional. When buying for an office event, like a Secret Santa party, you need some unique ideas and you need to know what the latest corporate gifting trends are. And there are plenty of options that are suitable for the workplace.

Keep the budget in mind, if there is one, and decide whether you want to get presents that are fun, functional, or even better, both. If it's a White Elephant event, fun is expected. You have plenty of choices when it comes to buying gifts for your office mates, including food goodies, desk decor, gift baskets, and more. Here's a good way to pick out the perfect present: Would you want to receive it?

Buy Corporate Gifts With a Theme

Sometimes office management puts one person (or a committee) in charge of the holiday party, and if that's you, here's a helpful chart of themes that offers you ideas for presents that work with each theme.


Stress Relief

Cooking and Baking

Office Decor

Framed world maps

Squishy stress balls

Gift sets of spices

Desk globes

Travel books

Adult coloring books

Get sets of sauces

Small clocks

Travel mugs

Spa gift sets


Desk organizers

You don't have to buy or suggest others purchase this exact list of corporate gifts. Feel free to get creative, but still stay within the theme for holiday presents. For example, if the theme is office decor, but you really want to buy someone cookies, which may also double as a thank-you gift, just make sure those treats come in a tin that's pretty enough to display, which makes it a functional piece as well.

Buying presents for all your office mates is easier when there's a theme, as it allows you to find something that's worthy of giving multiple times. If the theme is coffee, a popular idea for any workplace, look for sets of mugs that are similar but come in different colors.

Best Corporate Gifts on a Budget

Many businesses often set a budget to prevent anyone from going overboard or putting a strain on pocketbooks. There are countless ideas that fall within specific price ranges that make perfect presents for your holiday party.

One of the best office present ideas for $10 or less is a sampler, whether it's coffee, chocolate, or hot sauce selections. If you want to go simple but thoughtful, get a picture frame. And if you know the person, make it a little more fun by including a silly photo of the two of you from a previous holiday event.

If the budget is double, at $20 or less, a large candle in a pleasant scent works for almost anyone in the office, especially if it's in an attractive container. A hand-carved wooden paper tray is functional and a year-long reminder of your generosity.

With a higher budget of up to $50, choose a tried-and-true gift basket. When you buy corporate gifts like this, they may include baskets or boxes, but either way, pick one that has a theme you know the recipient will love. For example, if your coworker always suggests a different cuisine for lunch, then shop for global gifts, such as an Italian or Japanese-themed gift box. When the cap is $50, you can splurge on baskets that include fruit, teas, and impressive spa sets.

Unique Office Presents

You can hand out holiday offerings that aren't the typical standards. Have fun with it and come up with your own list of corporate gifts that work for your workplace.

Even if you aren't hosting the White Elephant party, you can still buy prank-like delights to have fun with the holidays. Mugs with silly sayings are popular choices, and they always get a laugh or two. Desktop games are usually a hit in any office, and you can set up a tournament later in the year.

If you're looking to score big points, hand-painted pieces make it look like you shopped the world to find that special something. A unique bowl or vase with hand painting adds a pop of color to a coworker's desk.

Skip the typical box of sweets as a corporate gift and go for exotic chocolates. Pick something outside the norm to make it more special. You have plenty of corporate gifting options for lovers of dark chocolate, spicy chocolate, milk chocolate, and mixed varieties with a myriad of yummy bits and pieces.

Desktop accessories are always the perfect picks for coworkers, as desk decor is the most functional of choices, whether you choose globes, unique desk organizers, or interesting paperweights.

Refresh the Classic Corporate Gift Ideas

Two of the most common holiday office present ideas are food and calendars. Do a little shopping and you're sure to find unique and fun options that update these classics.

There's always that one person in the workplace who makes a bag of popcorn every afternoon, so find the individual popcorn snack baskets to feed their addiction. Although the holidays are the most common time of the year to veer away from healthier choices, you can find plenty of good-for-you snacks to give as gifts, such as nuts and dried fruit.

When choosing a calendar as a holiday party present, it's easy to tailor it to your work mate or employee, especially if you know a tiny bit about the person. Pick a theme and get the appropriate wall or desk calendar. Alternatively, you can get a perpetual one that has no theme and is simply a nice accessory that enhances the person's workspace.

Office holiday parties happen every year, and you can establish yourself as the best gift giver with these unique ideas. Buy corporate gifts from this list that are totally appropriate for the workplace and maintain the status that everyone hopes you pull their name for the annual holiday party.