Cool Bath Toys for Kids to Really Make a Splash 

You can turn bath time for your children from a chore into an opportunity to play, pretend, and create with the help of a few fun ideas and cool bath toys for kids. Some youngsters are easy to please with just a tub full of bubbles, but others need kids' bath toys to get them excited about bathwater and getting clean.

Remember to look for items that are age appropriate for your children, and don't forget that some of these toys and games are going to make a mess, but that's what makes them so fun. If you want to get the most out of each bath item, choose those that are reusable. To keep up your youngsters' interest, get the best kids' bath toys and then use them on a rotating schedule to keep them fresh and new for your kids.

You have more choices than you may realize. From classic, fun gizmos to creative games that involve "painting" the walls with special crayons or soap bubbles, there are plenty of cool bath toys for kids available.

Toys and Games to Make Bath Time Fun 

Don't underestimate the power of play with a rubber ducky. It's a traditional choice for a good reason: All kids, even adults, love to tap around a floating yellow duck in the tub or pile bubbles on top of its head. This is probably one of the best kids' bath toys for the younger crowd.

Your youngsters can be easy to entertain for a short time with new bath toys, but to really keep their attention, consider turning bath time into a learning moment. Buy some floating alphabet blocks and help your little ones learn the letters or spell out bath-related words. For older children, you can turn an everyday trivia game into a cool bath toy for kids. Quiz them while you scrub them. For every right answer, you can reward them with extra bubbles, more time in the tub, or a few extra minutes for a bedtime story.

It's true, not every toy is for cleaning hour, but imagination is a powerful tool. When you buy toys for kids that are plastic, they're waterproof, and therefore, bath toys. Pick up a couple of pretend playsets to use on nights when your mini me wants to use their imagination. A tea set for the youngster who wants to have a tea party with bubbles makes for unique water play, and who doesn't love teaching plastic farm animals to dive and swim?

Bath Time Is Playtime 

Let's face it, bath time comes with a certain amount of clean up for you, so why not let the children get messy with some new kids' bath toys like water-based paints. They can paint the walls with their fingers, and then wash it all off with the bubbly water at the end. Have them rinse it well and you won't have to worry about extra work for you.

Think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to play with in the tub? Action figures and dolls can easily take a dip. Let your little ones play out fun scenes with action heroes and other figures and watch bath time become one of their favorite parts of the day.

If your children aren't really interested in playing, you can switch things up by reading a story while they scrub and soak, or get more creative by putting on a puppet show. You can turn almost any gift for kids into bath toys with a little effort on your part. 

Bubbles, Salts, and Bombs 

Does anyone outgrow bubble baths? Although the bubbles aren't traditional bath toys for kids, they can make getting clean more fun. Find a variety of scents and even colors, and you can get let your offspring help by letting them pour capfuls under the running water. The more involved they are, the more interested they will be in getting into the tub.

You might prefer lightly scented tiny bubbles in your tub, but your kid is probably going to find it more fun to transform the water into something else, whether by color, scent, or texture. Buy a gift set with bath bombs or salts for your children to use, and you can keep the loofahs and exfoliators for yourself. Bath bombs become cool kids' bath toys because they bubble and fizz and some can even change the color of the water.

After playtime is over, and your little ones have washed behind their ears and picked up all their bath toys, it's time to dry off. Help your kids own this time of the day by giving them their own towels with their favorite colors or with their beloved characters.

Whether you buy classic kids' bath toys for your little ones to play with or you get creative with some gift ideas for games, puppet shows, or pretend playtime, you're sure to get children excited for a bath with something fun. Pick up a few new kids' bath toys to add to the collection and keep them engaged in the cleaning routine.